Tuesday, 26 February 2019



Wow what gorgeous February weather we are having, it feels like summer. It’s so nice to be able to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air without feeling freezing cold. Is this the end of the freezing cold weather?
As I work Monday to Friday in my office job, we don’t get to do much in the week. So, when Saturday arrived and the sun was shining, we headed out with some friends to a local holiday park where they have a cafĂ©, soft play and a little play park. We started the day in coats and ended the day in t-shirts. The indoor soft play was almost too hot to stay as it had the sun beaming down on us. We spent a lot of the time outside in the park, Sadie absolutely loves the swings at the moment, so she happily sat in one while I caught up with my friend. Sonny always seems to make friends and just get on with playing whenever and wherever we go out. He loved the sandpit at this holiday park. Honestly, we had such a lovely day over there, it is called Fairwood Lakes Holiday Park and I would recommend to anybody who wants to visit the Wiltshire area or needs somewhere to stay while visiting Longleat as its close by.

Today was another gorgeous day but I was at work till 2.15 pm then I went and picked up the kids from there Nannies and I thought sod it lets go to the town park. Usually we would just head home and lounge about at home until bed time. Its quality time but sometimes a little wasted. So that’s what we did, I had no nappies or wipes it was just a spare of the moment LETS GO. Sometimes they are the best little adventures out, don’t you think? Sadie once again enjoyed being pushed on the swings, she even cries now when I take her off them. Sonny always makes a friend and follow them around everywhere which is a little sweet but probably annoying to the other child he follows everywhere. I treated Sonny to an Ice Cream and then we went down to the pond to see the ducks. It was a lovely afternoon out and fingers crossed that both kids crash early. 

Not to myself, always make the most of this nice weather, the housework and chores can wait until you get home or for another day.

What do you get up to with your littles ones in the sunshine or if you have a quick hour after work?

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Monday, 25 February 2019


Stir fry beef with noodles and black bean sauce

Salmon with new potatoes and peas


Spaghetti bolognaise with broccoli and garlic bread

Chicken korma with basmati rice and onion bhaji

Spinach and ricotta pasta with garlic bread

Homemade pizza with fries and corn on the cob

Roast dinner