Friday, 4 January 2019


So again, it’s the beginning of the year. I plan to make some new resolutions for 2019. I want to write them down and see if I can stick with them. I will re visit them mid-year and at the end of the year to see how well I am sticking to them.

 1, Eat healthy and get fit. I think this is a popular one for everyone especially after the Christmas period of eating rubbish and sitting down watching far too much TV with the family. I have a gym membership and plan to try and go to classes more after. I have already booked a Pilates class for this week. It’s a little difficult for me to attend classes due to Darren working away. I am also going to try and start eating healthy and follow Slimming World again. I won’t be following 100% percent as I know I will fail. But it’s a great diet to follow to try and get healthy. We have booked a holiday abroad in June so would like to lose 1-2 stone by then. I will also try and walk to more places and at weekends.

 2, Meal plan every week, this is just great to be organised as a mum and then it makes the food shop so much easier as well. I want to try out and experiment with new recipes. I also got a new slow cooker for Christmas which is much bigger than my old more, so lots more new recipes for that will be up on my blog for 2019.

 3, Deep clean the house every 3 months. Obviously, I clean the house every day but it’s the deep clean that I forget to do. Like pulling the sofas out and hoovering everywhere.

 4, Keep up with my blog and YouTube and try and grow both throughout 2019. I would love to get up to 1500 subscribers for YouTube. I don’t expect a massive grow as it has taken me 4 years to get to nearly 900. One step at a time and I like to make my goals realistic. As for this blog I would like to make sure I am putting at least one blog post up each week.

 Okay I think I will stick to these 4 resolutions as I won’t keep on top of them all if I have too many. These are very similar to last year and I will admit I failed pretty badly at most last year. Which is why I am setting nearly the same goals this year. Fingers crossed I can stick with them.

Bexmorts x

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