Sunday, 6 January 2019


I honestly can’t believe the time has come to return back to work. I started my maternity leave in February 2018 and then had Sadie on 11th March (Mother’s Day). I feel the time has flown by and I haven’t made the most of my time with my little lady.

When we were at home I would always be running about cleaning or doing mum things or seeing to her brother Sonny who also craved my attention, He’s a mummy’s boy for sure. Its so different second time around. When on maternity leave with Sonny we had lots of time together just me and him and there wasn’t as much mess or things to do when it was just me and baby Sonny. Life just gets so busy when you have two.

We had three amazing holidays together. We went to Butlins, Ladram Bay and Devon Cliffs and made some lovely family memories.

We moved house in July which meant lots of planning, packing, cleaning, unpacking and change of addresses. This took up so much time of my maternity leave which meant Sadie wasn’t getting the attention she deserved.

I really made the most of our last couple of months with Sadie and we attended rhyme time every week at the library and also started to go swimming on Monday mornings together. She absolutely loved going to both of these, she loves being around people.

I am going to miss her when I go back to work so much. But I know she will be happy socialising with other children at nursery and hanging out with family on a couple of the other days. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to and things she will learn and explore. I also can’t wait to see the excitement on her face when I go to pick her up each day. I will make sure any days I have off including each weekend are spent spending quality time with her and her brother Sonny.

Sadie is such beautiful, bright and happy little girl. I love watching her grow each day and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Here's to making lots more family memories in 2019.

I am so proud of my little lady SADIE JANE

Bexmorts x

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