Monday, 30 April 2018

My Weekly Round Up

My Weekly Round Up

Its so busy having a toddler and a baby while on maternity leave this time round. Each week we are busy most days going places to get out of the house. If I don't leave the house Sonny (2) would drive me insane.

Last week we started the week off on Monday by walking into town, we popped for lunch and coffee to meet family  then headed to the park. It was Sonny's first time trying out the buggy board and it was a success. I managed to hit 16,643 steps on my Fitbit that day.

Sonny on the buggy board for the first time

Sadie with her crazy wide awake eyes

Tuesday we went along to the local toddler group in our area for the second time. Even though no other mums speak to me I still go along as Sonny enjoys himself and its something cheap to do, costing only £2 per session. They have lots of toys out to play with, then snack time and songs at the end. Sonny makes me laugh as he wont join in with the singing at the end just sits there starring at everyone.

Wednesday we popped to soft play in the afternoon. Happy hour 2-3pm gets us in for half price which means its only £2 entry. We were the only ones in there at first which was nice but Sonny prefers to have people to run around and play with. Luckily more people turned up while we were there. Its a nice small soft play so I can keep an eye on him at all time while looking after baby Sadie. Sonny had his tea at soft play hotdog and chips with vegetable sticks. We headed home after 3 hours of fun.
One of the photos we sent to Darren while he was working away

Thursday Sonny goes to nursery for most of the day. Which gives me a day with just Sadie and I can get more things done. I popped to the gym to sign up my membership and also check out the crèche. Then I went into Bath to do some clothes shopping in Primark. I was in desperate need of some new clothing having just had a baby. I managed to get some nice summer dresses and also a really nice comfy pair of jeans. Just need some sun now so I can actually wear the dresses. I picked Sonny up then me and Sadie had our 6 week check up at the doctors. That was interesting, as Sonny messed around with everything in the doctors room.

Friday me and Sonny had a Mummy and Son day. We popped Sadie over to Nannies for a couple of hours so we could have some time just the two of us. We popped to the local trampoline park where we haven't been in over a year due to me being pregnant, He absolutely loved it there. We go to a baby and toddler session so its nice and quiet and safe. After bouncing for an hour we went into the soft play area and played in the big section together and down the giant slide. We had some lunch there as it was free kids meal with every adult meal. Bargain. We then picked up Sadie and headed home and waiting for Darren to come home from work as he had been working away all week.

Sonny enjoying the trampoline park

Sonny on the big slide at soft play

The weekend didn't turn out as expected. Me and Darren got ill and felt rough with sore throats and mine turned into a cold making me feel lousy. We stayed in all weekend relaxing and trying to get better for the week ahead. Luckily neither of the kids have come down with the illness and fingers crossed they wont.

That's our week.

Hope you had a good week, did you do anything fun?

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Weekly Meal Plan | 30th April 2018

Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread

Salmon with stir fry veg

Chicken wrapped in bacon, homemade chips and salad

Chicken fajita with Mexican rice

Jacket potato with tuna mayo and salad

Takeaway fish and chips

Roast dinner

Monday, 23 April 2018

Weekly Meal Plam | 23rd April 2018

Greek salad with olives and feta cheese

Jacket potato with Tuna and Salad

Bacon, egg and avocado on toast

Jacket potato with beans and cheese

Salmon, new potatoes and peas

Slow cooker beef curry

Mince beef in gravy and vegetables with sweet potato mash

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Siblings Project | April 2018

Introducing Sonny's new baby sister Sadie Jane born on Mothers Day 2018. She is the most perfect little girl.

Sonny is an amazing big brother already. He loves to cuddle Sadie and give her kisses.
When Sadie cries Sonny always goes up to talk to Sadie and asks her if she is okay, stroking her head and giving her dummy to her.

I just love watching Sonny being so loving towards her. I can see them growing up to be the best of friends.

Whenever Sadie isn't in the room Sonny will notice and ask where is baby Aide, still learning to pronounce his S in words yet.

Sonny has also grown up to be a big boy. He goes in his own bed at night time now, unlike before sharing with me every night. I think having Sadie has made him grow up a lot over the last month. We have also had some naughty moments I guess to be expected with the big change in his life.

I cant wait to share and document these two growing up as brother and sister every month with the Siblings Project

The first day they met

Sonny loves his cuddles
He also loves to kiss her all the time

Sonny loves helping out

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Monday, 16 April 2018

Weekly Meal Plan | 16th April 2018

This week Darren is away, so its a mid week meals for one.

Chicken chow mein

Avocado, bacon and poached egg on toast

Jacket potato with tuna and salad

Breaded chicken tortilla wrap with salad and homemade wedges

Breaded fish, chips and peas

Slow cooker beef curry with brown rice

Roast chicken dinner