Thursday, 23 November 2017

Selling Sonny's Old Clothes

So we recently found out we are having a baby girl in March. I can now start sorting out all of Sonny's old things and get selling as they are taking up so much room in the house and garage.

I started by trying to sell things on Facebook baby/kids selling pages. I didn't have much luck on here, I sold a couple of bits but I didn't get much luck. I still post things on there every now and then just to try.

I have put a few things on EBay and I have found people seem to like buying Next on there. So I have gone through some of Sonny's clothing and popped a few of the nicer clothing items on there.

The next thing I have tried was a little pickles market which is like a car boot sale type thing but just for baby items. We done this on Sunday and we managed to get rid of a few bits but as I was selling them really cheap and also I had to pay £9 for a table I only actually made £25 in the end. I would however do one of these markets again when its next on.

I have managed to save a couple of Sonny's clothing for the girl like the natural colours that are still in good condition.

I still have lots to get rid of and I will be continuing to and sell most of it.

My next step it to start shopping for the baby girl clothes which I am very excited about. I am waiting for the NEXT sale and January sales to start before I start shopping for her and I will also try and make sure I don't over buy.

If anybody has any tips on how to sell second hand baby clothes please let me know.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 20 November 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 20th November 2017

Roast chicken dinner

Jacket potatoes, with quiche, salad and coleslaw

Chicken pie, sweet potato mash with peas and broccoli

Chilli con carne with rice

Fish, chunky chips and peas

Chicken korma with rice

Out for dinner as we are off to the cinema

Monday, 13 November 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 13th November 2017

Pesto pasta with bacon

Tuesday (Darren's Birthday Meal)
Rump steaks with peppercorn sauce, rustic chips, onion rings and grilled tomatoes

Beef casserole with dumplings

Chilli con carne and rice

Beer battered fish with chips and peas

Cantonese Chicken with rice and prawn crackers

Sunday roast