Friday, 27 October 2017

20 Week Scan | Gender Reveal

It felt like ages for the 20 week scan to come along. I was so eager to find out if everything with the baby was okay and the gender of the baby so we could start planning for this baby.
We got called into the room 10 minutes early which was amazing as I hate waiting rooms and I get a little bit anxious in them. The scan went so well and the baby was let in a really great position for the lady to check everything and get all the measurements. It’s so amazing everything they check and how clear you can see it all on the TV screen.
I feel so more relaxed and happier about the pregnancy now I know everything with the baby is okay. I can also feel the baby moving more now which is really nice to feel and more reassurance for me.
At the end of the scan she checked the sex of the baby for us. At first she was unsure then she became more sure after she checked more. She revealed that we are having a......

I was so shocked as I was so sure we were having a boy. I don’t think it hit me at first. I am so happy though and lucky to have one of each a boy and a girl as I currently have a son age 2 already.
Darren my husband was so happy that the baby is a girl he didn’t stop smiling after we got told.
Now starts the planning starts. Decorating the nursery, clothes shopping, choosing a name and many more things to start planning and organising. There will be more blog posts on this to follow.
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