Thursday, 3 August 2017


I was kindly sent some Marigold products to celebrate their 70 year anniversary.

I was just expecting to receive some rubber gloves but I had a small box of goodies all by the Marigold brand. I never realised they there was so many different products. You can now not only get gloves but scrunchie and cloths as well.

In the box I have

Wipe away clothes
Longer bathroom gloves
Handy lightweight gloves
Cleaning me softly sponges

The Marigold gloves are so good and can be used for many things. Washing up being the most popular, but also they can be used for cooking, cleaning and DIYing.

I love using the Marigold gloves for cleaning the cooker or BBQ as the cleaning products I use for these can sometimes have strong chemicals so I like to protect my hands. I also like the fact they come in different sizes, I have quite small hands so this is handy for someone like me.

Being a mummy I wash up so much during the day so using Marigolds stops my hands from drying out and protects them.

I think everyone has heard of Marigolds and has used them at some point in their lives.

One lady at work said that she can’t use other branded rubber gloves as she has a reaction but she never seems to get a reaction with the Marigolds.

I used the scunchie to clean my oven as it needed a good scrub and clean and this helps get the grime off the cooker while using the gloves to stop me from getting dirty and to stop the chemicals from touching my skin.

I think Marigolds is a fantastic product which will continue to grow and sell for many years to come.

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