Saturday, 12 August 2017

Bridesmaids and Flower Girls | Wedding Series

I was so lucky to have my two best friend’s book to come away to Cyprus for our wedding. I had been bridesmaids for both my best friends Claire and Sarah so I really wanted them to be there for my day.

So I asked Claire and Sarah to be my bridesmaids and they were delighted. I also asked Darren’s sister at Christmas if she would also like to be my bridesmaid and she also was happy and said yes.

For my little flower girls I had Claire's daughters Evelyn (5) Elsie (3) and Sarah’s daughter Lily (4).

The flower girls dresses were the easiest to find. We didn’t want to drag the little girls around the shops so ordered 3 different dresses from Next and found one that everyone loved straight away. Even the little ones loved it and they felt like little princesses in them. That was the easy part.

For the big girl bridesmaids I knew what colour I wanted it was just finding the right dress in that colour which was the hardest part.

We looked everywhere online and also tried a few from Next but they looked awful when we received them. I finally found a perfect one on and luckily everyone loved it and they fitted each bridesmaid so lovely. We went for a mint colour which I thought would be perfect for a wedding abroad.

I let the bridesmaids pick their own shoes as I wanted them to feel comfortable on the day.

I ordered some flower girl baskets off amazon and they were so cheap, I also ordered them a few fake rose petals to go inside and the girls loved these.

For the big girl bridesmaids I ordered them a single Ivory rose which was fresh on the day. it was wrapped in a light pink ribbon to match my flowers.

I think they all looked so beautiful on the day and made my day that extra special.

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