Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A visit to Oceanarium Bournemouth

I managed to get us some free tickets through my Tesco Clubcard points to have entry to the aquarium in Bournemouth. We visited Oceanarium on Saturday as a family.

When we got our tickets, we were told it was an all day ticket. I thought that was really good, we could pop in and out throughout the day if we wanted. The feed times are throughout the day, so if missed them you could pop back later to watch them if you wanted to.

Its costs around £12 an adult and Sonny was free as he is age 2. We got in free as mentioned above as I used my Clubcard points.

Its a lovely little aquarium and has a range of sea life, otters, penguins, jelly fish, turtles, crocodile, shark, puffer fish and many more.

Sonny really enjoyed walking round and seeing all the different things, he loved just watching the fish in the big tanks. I think it's a great age to take a child to the aquarium as he seemed amazed by it all. They also had a little play area and a café which we didn't actually try out but it did look good. The café looks out to the beach and the sea so it has amazing views.

I love how close you can get to everything and see everything so clearly. They also have feeding times and presentations throughout the day. They have the times for these out on a board outside the aquarium but they also give them to you when you buy a ticket. We didn't attend any of these as Sonny wouldn't stay to listen for long enough.

Sonny was tired so we didn't stay in the aquarium too long and he fell asleep as soon as we left.

Although I thought it was quite small and it only took us around an hour to walk round I would still visit again. I am unsure if I would pay full price to visit and I would probably buy the tickets through the Clubcard points again.

Next year we plan to visit Weymouth Sealife which I hear is better than the Oceanarium.

Which is your favourite aquarium?

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