Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 17th April 2017

Seasoned chicken breast with homemade chips and salad

Tuna steak with jacket potatoes and salad

Pork steaks (lean cut) with sweet potato mash and vegetables

Chill con carne with brown rice

Homemade turkey curry with brown rice

MY HEN DO so food out

Cottage pie with vegetables

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt | National Trust


At the weekend we had such beautiful weather with a temperature of 25c. We had to get out and make the most of the nice weather, so decided to try out an Easter egg hunt. Best to go this weekend in case we have bad weather for Easter.
I am already a national trust member and our favourite place to go is Lacock Abbey. It only cost £2.00 to join in with the hunt.
We had to walk around and find 18 bunny signs which gave us a clue to lead us on to find the next bunny. Sonny loved the bunny signs he would walk up and say hi and even give some of them a kiss, so cute.
It was so lovely watching everyone else getting involved and Sonny loves going out and exploring. He loves walking and running around while exploring all the things around him.
At the end of the hunt he got three bunny chocolates which he had to have one of before we had even got back to the car.
I got a few photos of the day which turned out nice. I will link them below.
This is something I will definitely be doing again next year at the national trust and properly make its a yearly tradition.
I also vlogged the day and put a video up on YouTube which is linked below.


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Monday, 10 April 2017

Sonny's Easter Basket

Sonny's Easter Basket

This year I have decided to do an Easter basket for Sonny. He will be 22 months old at Easter this year.
It will be full of fun things for us to do over the long Easter weekend. Some of the items inside will be new to Sonny and it's our first time trying new things out together.

So here is a list of what's inside the basket

A garden windmill
Chick balloon on a stick
Peppa pigs Easter egg hunt book
Peppa pig egg suprise
Peppa pig cake mix box
Paint your own egg
Easter stamps
Kinder egg
Plant seeds
Chick head band

So over Easter we can spend some time out in the garden planting his seeds into pots. We also have some cakes to make which we have never done before. Then we can do some crafts with the paint the egg and stamps.
I think he will love his Easter basket this year and I cannot wait to give it to him to enjoy the items together.

I have also put up a YouTube video to show more clearly what's in Sonny's Easter basket. The link is below

Weekly Meal Plan | 10th April 2017

Chicken and bacon salad

Jacket potatoes with tuna and salad

Lemon and herb chicken with cous cous salad

Slow cooker beef with veg and Slimming World roast potatoes

Friday (Good Friday)
Chicken Stir Fry

Beef tacos with salad

Sunday(Easter Sunday)
Roast Dinner