Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Resolutions

1, Eat healthy and exercise more. I want to try and lose at least another stone before the wedding in May. I have already started back up the gym, I just need to start planning the healthy eating and meal planning. I may even join Slimming World again.

2, Stop stressing so much about my busy life. I need to try and chill out a little more I feel stressed all the time and I know this is from working full time which may need to change this year as I can't seem to get everything done.

3, Keep up with the blogging and the YouTube channel. Both of these have not been growing that quickly but I still want to keep going and making the memories to keep forever.

4, Be happier and enjoy life more. I just seen so down at the moment maybe its down to the time of the year and not enjoying work at the moment. Things need to change in my life and I need to get back to be the normal happy self I used to be.

That's it for this year, I didn't want to have too many as they will be harder to achieve.

What's your new years resolutions for this year?

Thanks for reading.


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