Thursday, 19 January 2017

Booking our £9.50 Holiday



We love doing the sun 9.50 holidays every year. It saves us so much money and the sites are lovely and great for kids too.

The last two years since Sonny has been born, we have been to Weymouth Littlesea and Perran Sands in Cornwall. We have a great time at both the sites.

I always stick with the Haven sites as I know they are nice sites with decent accommodation and the entertainment is great for Sonny. They do activities for children throughout the day and evening. Last year Sonny enjoyed the toddler disco and watching the seaside squad characters on stage.

As I book every year I get the priority code which means I can book a day earlier than some. This year I joined a Facebook group so that I didn’t have to buy the paper everyday as they posted the codes on this Facebook group. I waited up till midnight waiting for the last code on Saturday night joining all the other sun 9.50 mad people. We all needed the last code to get booking our holiday. The last code didn’t come out till 12.30am. We all tried logging on and the site couldn’t handle it and it kept crashing. I gave up and waiting till the morning.

I managed to still get my first choice of park and date at 6.30am. I did want to try and get one for the Easter weekend but they had all gone by the morning.

This year we are going to Haven Devon Cliffs in Exmouth. I have been here many times before and it the best Haven site I have been to. It’s one of the biggest as well. I always upgrade my caravan as Sonny is still small and we are going in September so I like to have heating in all rooms.

Our whole holiday is costing us £117.55 for a 3 night stay in a comfort plus caravan. The breakdown of this is

Accommodation cost: £68.00 (Because I upgraded if you don’t upgrade this will be £38.00)
Debit/Credit card charge: £2.30
Service charge: £26.25 (£8.75pupn)
Entertainment passes: £21.00 (under 5's go free)
Total cost: £117.55

I looked on the Haven site for the same weekend and all of them were over £210.00 that’s for a standard caravan. I have saved myself over £100. This is such a bargain and so worth doing.

You can still join in and book a holiday in the UK or Europe on the link below. I will list the codes below if you want to try it out this year. It explains everything on the website.


Good luck and if you have any questions just ask below and I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading



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