Thursday, 1 December 2016

Sonny's Christmas Wish List




This weekend me and Sonny will be writing to Santa. He will be telling him how good he has been this year and what presents he would like for Christmas.

So what is on Sonny's list to Santa?

He has started to get into his toy cars a lot more now and pushes them round on the carpet. So he wants a car garage for his toy cars. I looked into so many different types of car garages and I love the Toot Toot garage so this is the one I have chosen.

Obviously he will need some cars to go with the Toot Toot garage so these are on his list also. He has a few cars but no Toot Toot ones yet.

He loves watching in the night garden on TV and gets so excited when it comes on. When I saw them Ninky nonk train I just had to buy it for Sonny as I knew he would love this. I am hoping when he opens this on Christmas day he will understand what it is and which programme it’s from.

Another favourite programme of Sonny's is Tellytubbies. I saw a Tellytubby teddy so I think he would love one of these so this is on his list also.

This is Sonny wish list but I am sure he will be receiving a lot more gifts and will be very spoiled over Christmas.

I will also be showing the gifts I have got him on my YouTube channel which I have still yet to record.


What’s your little ones Santa wish list?

Thanks for reading.