Thursday, 24 November 2016

Festival of Lights at Longleat

On Sunday we went along to the Festival of Lights at Longleat. We are so lucky that its only ten minutes down the road and that we live right next door to it.

I managed to get our two adult tickets free with our Tesco Clubcard points and Sonny was free as he is under the age of 3.

We didn’t want to spend all day there as it was a cold day and I wanted Sonny to have a morning nap before we headed over. We only needed to get there early if we wanted to do the safari which we didn’t want to do on this visit.

We arrived at about 2pm and headed to see all the animals. Sonny loved watching the penguins being fed. It was so busy everywhere  it was hard to see the animals and have a nice walk round, so we quickly walked round then headed to find the under 5's park.

Sonny loved the under 5's park especially the trampolines in the floor. He just wanted to bounce with the other children’s playing on them.

We then grabbed a coffee in Costa which took forever because it was also really busy. After this me and Sonny went to the mirror maze. That was funny as Sonny was so confused but loving it at the same time.

When the lights switched on we grabbed a mulled wine (yum) then headed towards the lights. I love mulled wine.

Sonny was really grumpy when we got to the lights and really played up. I don’t think he liked the crowds of people and it was pretty cold as well. I thought he was going to love them but he didn’t show any interest in them.

Me and Darren thought the lights were okay but won’t be rushing back next year to see them. It’s definitely worth going to visit them once to experience them.

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