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Our Weekend | 8th October 2016


Our Weekend | 8th October 2016

Our weekend was so busy and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to write about it this week.

Saturday we popped to soft play and met one of Sonny’s little friends. Sonny loved it there and was into everything. He did lots of climbing, running and exploring. We even had some lunch there and the food was really good for Sonny so next time we go we will be doing lunch again there. He had scrambled egg on toast.

I took Sonny down the big blue slide which was funny as it was so fast and a little bit scary. I love taking Sonny to soft play as he has so much fun there.

After soft play we popped up to see Darren and his dad as they were doing some garden work so we thought we would pop to see them hard at work. Sonny wore his wellies for the first time and he was very good at walking in them. We didn’t stay long as Sonny was tired and we had to get back for tea time.

Saturday night we stayed in and had naughty hot dogs, wine and cider. We watched X- Factor which I am really enjoying this year.

Sunday we woke up and decided last minute to go swimming. We went to the Bradford On Avon which is lovely for Sonny as they have a small pool for children. We were only in there for 10 minutes when Sonny was sick in the pool and everyone had to get out and they closed the small pool. How embarrassing. I just quickly went to changing room and left. This was so awkward. Sonny was fine I just think he drank too much pool water.

We know of a great place for cooked breakfast in Bradford on Avon called The Lock Inn so we decided to go there for breakfast as the swimming was a fail. Breakfast was really good and we sat outside by the canal watching the boats go by.

When we got home Sonny was so tired. We were all planning on going shopping in Bath but we changed our plans and Sonny and Darren stayed at home while Sonny took a 3 hour nap. I still went shopping in Bath which was so busy and had a massive shop in Primark. I got some lovely clothing for autumn and also popped into LUSH to buy some Halloween and Christmas bath bombs.

When I got home we had a yummy roast dinner then sat and watched X-Factor again.

Sonny is changing so much and learning new things. This weekend he was making me laugh with his twirling around in a circle making himself dizzy and his dance moves to cheesy music I was playing for him.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you do anything nice?

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