Monday, 17 October 2016

Its Pumpkin Time

We went to go and buy our pumpkins at the weekend. I really wanted to go to a local farm and pick them ourselves but I could not find anywhere local where we could do this.

We found a farm about 15 minutes away where they had pumpkins out on a big trailer all different shapes and sizes so went there to buy some.

There were so many to pick from and it took us a while to select the ones we wanted. Darren picked a very large one and I picked two small ones. They cost us about £5 but I also managed to spend more money in the farm shop on other things.

We are keeping two of the pumpkins ready to carve on Halloween weekend. The other pumpkin I made a Pumpkin and Coconut Loaf Cake. I made a YouTube video for my channel on the recipe, I will link this below.

I managed to find two cute little mini pumpkins/squash in Aldi perfect just for Halloween decoration. These were only 89p each.

Here are also some photos of us buying our pumpkins.

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