Friday, 28 October 2016

Halloween Sensory Bottles

Halloween Sensory Bottles
I made Sonny some sensory bottles ready for Halloween.
The first one I made was a spider themed one. I got some plastic spiders from home bargains they are orange and black. I just put these in the bottle with water and some green food colouring.
The second one I made was I just put some Halloween confetti inside it which I got picked up from Tesco's. 
Sonny just wants to drink the spider bottle, he thinks it’s a drink and hasn’t understood that it’s to play with.
They still look great and I am happy with the way they have turned out.
They are so easy and cheap to make.
Hope you all have a great Halloween. I think I will be vlogging my Halloween weekend so keep a look out for this.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

KidloLand Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

We were kindly sent the KidloLand app to review and do a giveaway on. Sonny is 16 months so we thought we would try this out and see how he got on. He isn’t into the I-Pad yet as he is still too little.
The app itself I was pretty impressed with. It’s aimed at toddlers and pre-school children for fun and it also teaches them as they have fun.
Here is a list of all the different areas you get on the app

Nursery Rhymes
ABCD Songs
Popping Time
Magic Words
Create and Play Occupations 
Wheels On the Bus
Weathers and Seasons
Old Macdonald Songs
Animal Kingdom
Fruit and Vegetables
Row your Boat
Numbers 1-100
Colours and Shapes
Months and Days
Christmas Songs

Sonny loved dancing and watching the nursery rhymes. Anything visual with music he enjoyed. The Wheels on the bus was also one of his favourites as he could dance along to this.
We even took this to the bathroom with us at bath time to make this more fun and have a sing song in the bath.
We watched the stories and had them read to us when we chilled out in the evening with his milk.
He still can’t use a lot of it as he is still too little but we are looking forward to trying out the games once he is able to start using them.

I love the fact it currently has a Halloween section. So there are three Halloween stories on the stories section. They also have Christmas songs on the app ready for the Christmas period which I am really excited to listen and watch with Sonny.
I have made a YouTube video on this app also which you can view on the link below.

You can buy the app from any of the following links below.

I am running a giveaway for three people to win a subscription of the app for 3 months. You can enter on the link below. Good luck.
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Monday, 24 October 2016

Weekly Meal Plan | 24th October 2016

Weekly Meal Plan | 24th October 2016

Spicy vegetable burgers with roast potatoes and sweetcorn

Chicken casserole with vegetables 

Spaghetti bolognaise

Jacket potatoes with tuna and salad

We are away for the night so we will be dining out

Pizza night maybe homemade

Beef casserole and dumplings

Sunday, 23 October 2016

My Sunday Photo 22nd October 2016

My Sunday Photo 22nd October
We love Autumn and I love this photo of Autumn. We practice kicking the leaves in the park in this photo.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Weekend Tot Style #1 Autumn Outfit

Long Sleeved Top TU Clothing | Trousers TU Clothing | Hoody TU Clothing | Shoes Primark |

Now autumn is here my favourite season, I thought it would be a great time to join in with the 'Weekend Tot Style'.

I love autumn and when I saw these cute mustard coloured trousers in TU Clothing Sainsbury’s I just had to buy them for Sonny. They have little pictures of aeroplanes on them. The trousers came as a set with the long sleeved top and grey hoody. The long sleeved top has a dog pilot on it. The three piece set is only £12.

His new grey shoes I got him only last week. I think they are so cute. His Clarks shoes are his main shoes which he wears most of the time. I wanted to get him some trendy looking ones he could wear every now and then and for only £2.50 from Primark it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t wear them much.

I just love this outfit and I am now on the lookout for more autumn style clothing for Sonny.

The t-shirt he is wearing in the above photo is from Zara. We love shopping in Zara for boys clothing.

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The Diary of an Ordinary Mum

Monday, 17 October 2016

Its Pumpkin Time

We went to go and buy our pumpkins at the weekend. I really wanted to go to a local farm and pick them ourselves but I could not find anywhere local where we could do this.

We found a farm about 15 minutes away where they had pumpkins out on a big trailer all different shapes and sizes so went there to buy some.

There were so many to pick from and it took us a while to select the ones we wanted. Darren picked a very large one and I picked two small ones. They cost us about £5 but I also managed to spend more money in the farm shop on other things.

We are keeping two of the pumpkins ready to carve on Halloween weekend. The other pumpkin I made a Pumpkin and Coconut Loaf Cake. I made a YouTube video for my channel on the recipe, I will link this below.

I managed to find two cute little mini pumpkins/squash in Aldi perfect just for Halloween decoration. These were only 89p each.

Here are also some photos of us buying our pumpkins.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Our Weekend | 8th October 2016


Our Weekend | 8th October 2016

Our weekend was so busy and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to write about it this week.

Saturday we popped to soft play and met one of Sonny’s little friends. Sonny loved it there and was into everything. He did lots of climbing, running and exploring. We even had some lunch there and the food was really good for Sonny so next time we go we will be doing lunch again there. He had scrambled egg on toast.

I took Sonny down the big blue slide which was funny as it was so fast and a little bit scary. I love taking Sonny to soft play as he has so much fun there.

After soft play we popped up to see Darren and his dad as they were doing some garden work so we thought we would pop to see them hard at work. Sonny wore his wellies for the first time and he was very good at walking in them. We didn’t stay long as Sonny was tired and we had to get back for tea time.

Saturday night we stayed in and had naughty hot dogs, wine and cider. We watched X- Factor which I am really enjoying this year.

Sunday we woke up and decided last minute to go swimming. We went to the Bradford On Avon which is lovely for Sonny as they have a small pool for children. We were only in there for 10 minutes when Sonny was sick in the pool and everyone had to get out and they closed the small pool. How embarrassing. I just quickly went to changing room and left. This was so awkward. Sonny was fine I just think he drank too much pool water.

We know of a great place for cooked breakfast in Bradford on Avon called The Lock Inn so we decided to go there for breakfast as the swimming was a fail. Breakfast was really good and we sat outside by the canal watching the boats go by.

When we got home Sonny was so tired. We were all planning on going shopping in Bath but we changed our plans and Sonny and Darren stayed at home while Sonny took a 3 hour nap. I still went shopping in Bath which was so busy and had a massive shop in Primark. I got some lovely clothing for autumn and also popped into LUSH to buy some Halloween and Christmas bath bombs.

When I got home we had a yummy roast dinner then sat and watched X-Factor again.

Sonny is changing so much and learning new things. This weekend he was making me laugh with his twirling around in a circle making himself dizzy and his dance moves to cheesy music I was playing for him.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you do anything nice?

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Weekly Meal Plan | 10th October 2016

Weekly Meal Plan | 10th October 2016
Chicken, homemade chips and salad
Speghetti carbonara
Jacket potatoes with prawn salad
Sausage casserole with sweet potatoe mash
Stir fry beef five spice with noodles
Pizza night
Pulled pork with roast potatoes and vegtables

Monday, 3 October 2016

Weekly Meal Plan | 3rd October 2016

Weekly Meal Plan | 3rd October 2016
Spaghetti bolognaise with courgette
Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese
Slimming World diet coke chicken with sweet potato mash
Ham and cheese omelette with salad

Cod, chips and mushy peas (Fish Friday)

Hot dogs, homemade chips with corn on the cob.

Roast dinner

Dont forget you can join in with Weekly Meal Plan on the linky below.

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