Thursday, 1 September 2016

Sonny is Walking

Sonny is finally walking. He actually took his first steps on his birthday week in June but it would only be a couple of steps every now and then. Now two months later he has really taken to it and all of a sudden he is just walking everywhere without falling and managing to keep his balance.
We actually got his first shoes from Clarks shoe shop a month ago ready for when he was walking as he needed a pair of shoes for when he was out and about anyway. He measured up at 4G and we got a cute pair of first shoes for him.  
His new shoes cost us £26.00 and the lady in the shop said they should last him a couple of months. Feeling shocked I am now realising how expensive shoes for children are.
I am so proud of my boy for walking and getting around. He is growing too quickly.
When did your little one start walking?

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