Monday, 22 August 2016

A Week Off With My Boy

A week off with my boy

Back to work today after a whole week off. How I miss my boy already and wished I could be home with him today.

We enjoyed every little moment together. We had such lovely weather most of the week but it was almost too hot so we had to stay inside a lot of the time.

Monday we went tp soft play and got to meet Spiderman. We both had Mr Whippy ice creams after this and Sonny made a lot of mess, but I didn’t care as he was enjoying it so much.

Tuesday we visited a local park which had inflatables out for the day so we met my sister and her kids and sat and had a picnic while they played and had fun. We then went home and played water play in the garden.

Wednesday was a morning at nursery for Sonny so when he got home he had a long sleep then we went outside and played water play in the garden again.

Thursday was a whole day at nursery for Sonny! The mum guilt I felt for sending him even though I had the week off. The reason I sent him was because I had a lot to get done round the house and it’s so much easier and quicker without Sonny around. I felt better for getting all the jobs done round the house. When I picked Sonny up at 4.30pm we popped to the park and went for a walk and a play on the swings.

Friday the weather turned which was a shame as we had plans to go to a musical picnic. We went along to the local library rhyme time instead which I thought Sonny would really enjoy but he didn’t show any interest and just wanted to play on the train they have there instead. We went home and he slept for 3 hours. When he woke up we popped to my mums and Sonny plans with his cousins while I caught up with my mum.


We had such a lovely week together, really makes me wish I was a stay at home Mummy.


Here are some photos of our week.

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Hope you all had a lovely week and weekend.

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