Thursday, 14 July 2016

Sudocrem Care and Protect REVIEW


Sonny was kindly sent a tube of Sudocrem care and protect to try out and review.

We tried this last weekend as he had a bit of a sore bum. I used the cream for the next nappy and with just one use it made the redness go down.

The cream is not too thick and it’s easy to rub in when you’re in a mad rush to get that nappy back on quickly.

We also used this cream for his sore knees. With all the crawling round he has been doing with shorts on, his knees got very dry and looked sore. I rubbed some of the cream in and we now use this every time he gets out of the bath. It’s a really good cream and seems to work by healing fast.

It’s different to the original product as it prevents little bums from nappy rash but also can heal sore bums if they already have the nappy rash.

Sudocrem care and protect can also be used on newborns. So worth grabbing a tube before your little baby arrives to have in the draw ready for the arrival.

This product can be used daily so why not make it as part of your nappy changing routine. We have added it to out nappy changing draw ready to use each nappy change.

The price is £5.99 for a 50g tube and I compared this price against other branded nappy rash creams and it seems to be the average price for a nappy cream.

Sudocrem won product of the year back in 2015 for this product and I am a true believer in this product as well now.


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Bexmorts xx

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