Sunday, 19 June 2016

Wedding Planning #1 Wedding Booked

Wedding Planning

The wedding is finally booked....... well kind of

I am planning on doing a series on my blog and YouTube channel all about my wedding.

Darren proposed to me on Valentines Day this year. We just went for a nice Steakhouse meal in Bath and he then went for it after the meal. Obviously I said yes, I was not expecting this at all and I am not one to sit and dream about my wedding plans. So this was a massive shock for me as I didn't think Darren would ever propose. Having a baby changes your views on life and I am happy now that we are getting married.

Darren wanted to start planning straight away but I will still letting it sink in.

When we finally started looking round I couldn't believe of the cost for a simple wedding with a sit down three course meal afterwards. I just cant seem to bring myself to spend so much money on just one day. Yes its a special day but I don't want to spend the next few years trying to pay it off.

I had thought about a wedding abroad so when we were in town one Saturday we popped into the Thomson travel agents and picked up a brochure. I couldn't believe how much cheaper it was to get married abroad. We wrote down the pros and cons of going abroad to do it and decided to go ahead and book one in Cyprus Paphos.

Pros of getting married abroad

Nicer weather
Less planning as the travel agent will plan most of it for you
Nicer scenery
Its something different
You can get married outside
It will be a smaller ceremony

Cons of getting married abroad

Not everyone will be able to attend
It may be harder to plan as being in contact with people in another country
You will be stuck on honeymoon with friends and family
Will you be guaranteed good weather?

So we actually booked the wedding three weeks ago, we paid a deposit and we signed the wedding contract. We have given them our date preferences you can only give them up to three dates and you have to be in the country for a week before you get married. We now have to wait eight weeks for them to get back to us and confirm if they can fit our wedding in on one of those dates. This is the annoying part. We cannot plan anything until this confirmation has come through and it feels like I have been waiting ages. I really want to get the invites out and start planning on who is coming out to Cyprus with us. Its just a waiting game at the moment. It seems a long time eight weeks just to confirm a wedding date and I am unsure why its takes them this long.

I will update more on my wedding once we go ahead and can start planning more.

Did you get married abroad or are you planning on getting married abroad? Any tips or advice would be helpful.

Thanks for reading 

Bexmorts x

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