Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sonnys 1st Birthday Ideas


I can't believe my baby boy Sonny will be one in a weeks time. I thought I would share some of the plans and ideas I have for his birthday.

I am not going to go with a theme as he isn't really into anything yet as he is still too little. So my plan is to keep to a colour theme which will probably go wrong when I start to buy bit and bobs for his birthday. So the colours theme I am going for is Blue, black and white.

I really want to get a huge number 1 balloon in blue. I am a little worried as the shop in town only had pink ones in the other day. I might go and see if i can pre-order the balloon. Also I plan to get some normal balloons blue ones again. I thought of a great idea to pop some in his cot for a great birthday photo. Like a ball pit but a balloon pit.

I love the banner in the photo above, which I have actually ordered from eBay. I need to try and find some more I like so I will probably pop into town and look out for some more. We have been taking milestone photos of Sonny since he was born and I thought these would look great on a piece of string with pegs. Like a banner but showing him growing up over the year. I ordered them as retro prints on Photobox, I am just waiting for them to arrive through the post.

Now its time to be Mummy. I am planning on baking two cakes for his first birthday. I am not sure how well this will go but I will try my best. I am doing a number one cake but I am still deciding on the design of the cake. Not sure what I will do for the second cake yet maybe the same thing or maybe something easier. The reason I am doing two cakes is because his birthday celebrations are on a different day to his birthday, so he will need two. I am not the best baker so they could end up looking rather funny.

Cake smash
I have his cake smash booked in two days before his birthday with a local photographer who doesn't charge a huge amount. I have always seen photos of other one year olds having cake smash photo shoots and it looks fun. I am going for a nautical theme for this as its the same theme as his bedroom. I have bought some nautical bunting and some anchor nautical pants and bow tie. I have ordered a cake and sent them some ideas of what I would like. I hope the cake will be amazing and Sonny will have fun destroying it. Really looking forward to this and seeing how the photos come out.

Now for the actual celebration. His birthday is on a Wednesday so I plan to go out somewhere fun with him for the day. Maybe soft play or a farm or something but it will probably only be me and Sonny as everyone else is working. I need to investigate where to go. The weekend after his birthday I think we will have a BBQ party at home with just close family. I don't have a back up plan for if it rains. This is something else I need to start thinking about. Our house is too small to invite everyone round for an indoors party.

Working full time I am finding it hard to find the time to arrange things. I want this to be so special for Sonny as its his first birthday. Thankfully I have his birthday week off work so I can enjoy the whole week with him.

Thanks for reading
Bexmorts x

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