Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Favourites

My October Favourites

1, Apple Cinnamon Candle
October was the month I started burning my candles again. I love candles. This one I got from Home Bargains for £2.99 is my favourite at the moment. Its a massive candle and smells like Christmas. The first one I got has nearly all gone so I am off to buy another one this week.

2, Teen Mum 2
I am addicted to Teen Mum 2 and now a new series has started I am addicted once again. So much drama going on with the girls this series. I know most of it is set up but I still enjoy watching it. I have to set it to record though as Darren wont sit and watch it and I like to watch it when Sonny is sleeping.

3, Halloween
I love Halloween and this year I decorated the house and we carved pumpkins. With the left over pumpkin I made roasted pumpkin seeds and Pumpkin soup. We had so many trick or treats that I ran out of sweets.

4, Hazelnut lattes
I always grab a coffee from Costa on the way home from rhyme time on a Thursday morning. I am really loving the Hazelnut lattes. But I am also looking forward to what Christmas drinks they bring out this year. Coffee is amazing when you have a four month old baby.

Sonny's October Favourites

1, Fisherprice Jumperoo
This makes him smile and he loves spending time in this. It plays music and he plays with some parts of it. He hasn't quite got the hang of the jumping part yet though.

2, Baby TV
I like to just put the TV on in the background for Sonny but he loves watching Baby TV on sky. It does start to do my head in after a while but it keeps him entertained. He loves the singing parts and the bright colours on the TV screen.

3, Sensory room

4, Mam Teether
Sonny has started teething and has been for a while now. I found this Mam teether the other day in boots and its like a dummy. Sonny holds it with his hand sometimes. I just think its a good little teether as its small and like a dummy. It keeps him quiet and calm for a little bit. I also like the rings that go in the fridge he loves biting on them when he is in pain.
The link to the Mam Teether is below.

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