Monday, 24 August 2015

Our Weekend 22nd August

We didn't get up too much again this weekend. I am still going to write about it but it will be a shirt one.

Saturday morning we had a couple of visits to do. We popped to Darren's parents and then to his aunties house. After this we were so hungry so decided to go out for lunch. We went to a nice country pub and sat outside as the weather was so nice and it was so hot. I had a nice glass of white wine and Darren had a cider. We both ordered the same food which was BBQ pulled pork and red onion baguette with chips. It was so yummy. We had never been to this pub before and I would go back as the food was really nice.

Trying to feed Sonny in the sun.

We then went home and watched a film and ordered a nice Indian takeaway. Then it was bath time and bed time.

Sunday we stayed in and chilled as it was pouring with rain and we had thunder storms. This was a definite duvet day and stay in day. I did pop out to Tesco to buy some roast dinner and baking ingredients. When I got home I baked a loaf fruit cake and it turned out amazing so I am going to write a blog post about this recipe, so look out for that one. Obviously we had to try the cake so we had tea and cake in the afternoon.

We watched (boring) sport all day and chilled while I made a roast pork dinner. I am loving my roast dinners on a Sunday at the moment.
Darren and Sonny watching the football <3

That was our weekend.
Next weekend we are have so much more planned and its an extended weekend because we have bank holiday Monday.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Loaf Fruit Cake

So today I baked a Loaf Fruit Cake and I was so happy with how it turned out. See my post below to see how I made this.

450g self raising flour
125g caster Sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground mixed spice
pinch salt
125g unsalted butter
10 fl oz of milk
500g dried mixed fruit
Sugar for decoration

Step 1
Grease a loaf tin with butter and set the temperature on the oven at 150C

Step 2
Sieve the flour into a bowl and then add the sugar, baking powder, mixed spice and salt. Mix this all together.

Step 3
Use your hands to add the butter and rub this altogether until it looks like crumble.

Step 4
Add the fruit and mix this into the ingredients.

Step 5
Now add the milk a little at a time and mix it all together.

Step 6
Okay we are all ready to go. Transfer the mixture into your loaf tin and you can now put this in the oven to bake.

Step 7
Leave the cake in the oven for 1 hour and 50 mins

Step 8
Sprinkle some sugar on top of the loaf cake and leave to cool.

Step 9
Make a cup of tea and enjoy a slice of your hard work.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 17 August 2015

Our Weekend 15th August

We started our weekend on the Friday night like we always do. I made us a Chilli and watched the football while Darren had a cider I popped open my mini bottle of wine and had a glass of that. Darren fell asleep watching the football so me and Sonny went up to bed.
On the Saturday Darren popped up to his dads to drive him to the shop so he took along Sonny. I then got some jobs done. While they were out I managed to do ALL the housework, try my new New Look clothes on and had a nice long bath. When they got back I was sat in the garden enjoying a nice cocktail in the sun.

We then took Sonny for a walk to the shop and bought an ice cream. That evening we stayed in and treated ourselves to Chinese and watched the rugby. We are getting ready for the rugby world cup.
Not much happened on the Sunday. We woke up and had a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea. Here is a photo of sonny on Sunday morning. Love this photo so much.
We then headed out for a walk to Tesco and back as we needed to buy some food for the Sunday roast dinner.
We watched football (AGAIN) and some more golf. I actually put my headphones on and caught up on some more YouTube videos.
I then headed to the kitchen and cooked us a yummy roast beef dinner and then we had a chocolate fudge cake for desert.
That was my weekend. Not much happened a very chilled one. How was your weekend? Did you get up too much?
Thanks for reading

Monday, 10 August 2015

Our weekend

I had such a great weekend that I wanted to write about it this week. I am feeling much better after my C-section  and I am finally able to get out and about.
We started our weekend on Friday night we popped over to Darren's mum and dads for some tea. We had some lovely Piri Piri chicken with stir fry. We had a good catch up with his parents and headed off home to bed around 8 ish.
Saturday morning we chilled out in bed with Sonny and I managed to have a nice relaxing bath without worrying about Sonny. We got up and headed to town. I treated myself to a new vlogging camera which I have yet to work out how to use but very excited to start using this.
Lunch time was a naughty MacDonald's which we quickly eat in the car.
We then headed to a local village summer fete in Seend. I have never been to this one before but as Darren's parents were heading off there we thought we would pop along as it was a nice day.
It turned out to be a really good day with games, BBQ, raffles, vintage cars and most importantly Pimms. This is where I had my first alcoholic drink since having Sonny. I thought it would hit me bad but it didn't effect me at all. Was nice to be able to drink a Pimms in the sunshine. Sonny was well behaved in his carrycot throughout the day. We didn't win any games or anything on the raffle. I bought some local honey to help with Darren's heyfever.

Saturday night was a bit of a failure. Darren went out to his mates for a couple of drinks. But Sonny was hard work that night and cried a lot. I had to call Darren and get him to come back. I feel a bit of a failure but I was just having a down moment and just needed him.
Sunday again we chilled in bed with Sonny for a bit and then Darren made us a massive bacon and cheese omelette for breakfast. I done a few things around house boring things like washing and tidying. Then we headed out to a local lake called Shearwater for a walk in the sun and to get Sonny out for a bit. Its so nice over there with lots of fisherman, sailing boats and beautiful views. We had some doughnuts and a drink so had a little doughnut picnic.

We popped into Aldi on the way home to get some food shop for the week ahead and it was Sonny's first time in a trolley and he didn't seem to mind it at all.

We got home around 4 ish, I then made a roast chicken dinner and cheesecake dessert. We gave Sonny a bath and then chilled out for the rest of the evening. Darren watched Star Wars and I caught up on my YouTube videos.
So that was our family weekend. I wish I had vlogged it now but need to get my new camera up and working so I can get better quality videos online.
Hope you enjoyed reading, and that you all had great weekends too.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Newborn Must Haves

Now that my baby boy Sonny is 5 weeks old I feel I am ready to write this post on Newborn Must Haves. I had just collected a few things which I thought I would write about that I found were my must haves for when I had my newborn.
1, Muslim cloths
I have so many of these and before Sonny was born I thought I had way too many. But now I am glad that I have so many. There are so many uses for these. I use them for burping, to clean up sick, to help with changing nappies in case he pees everywhere as boys seem to do this when the air hits them. They have so many uses. Sometimes I even use it as a blanket if I don't have one to hand. I make sure wherever I am or wherever I go that I have a Muslim cloth to hand.
2, Mam Soother
This was something I had free from the Boots advantage club. I didn't think I would use it but kept it just in case. I however use this all the time. It helps to sooth Sonny and calm him down if he is upset. It also helps him to fall asleep. So this has definitely helped in the first few weeks of Sonny's life.
3, Mam bottles
Before Sonny made his appearance I purchased a few bottles but cheap ones. I now regret this as we do not use them. When using the cheap bottles Sonny was making a mess and dribbling a lot of the milk from the bottle, he was also sick after his feeds on these. I then changed to the Mam Anti-colic bottles and all of these problems went away so I have kept him on the Mam bottles and would not go back.
4, Bottle warmer and powder dispenser
I had a C-section so struggled to do the night feeds as it was painful to get in and out of bed and also to keep going up and down the stairs. As Darren went back to work after the first week I wanted to do the night feeds on my own so that he wasn't tired for work.
The easy way round this I found was to make the bottles up with just the water from the bottle making machine and put these bottles into a bottle warmer holder so that these stay at the correct temperature. I then put the correct amount of powder in the milk dispenser and made the bottles up while in bed upstairs when Sonny woke up for his feed. This helped me within the first few weeks.
5, Bottle making machine
I had seen so many people rave on about how great the Tommee Tippee bottle prep machine was. So I invested in this when I was pregnant and I am so glad I did. When Sonny is wanting his feed there is no advance warning so the machine is excellent for making up bottles at room temperature within a couple of minutes.
6, Ready made formula
I find the small ready made formula milks so much easier to use when I go out or when I am visiting family. All I need to take it a small bottle of the ready made milk and a sterilised bottle in my changing bag with me and I am all ready to go. I just give him the milk at room temperature and he has taken to this well. So much more convenient and I will be sticking to this the whole time I am bottle feeding. I may even stick with this idea when we go away in September.
These were all my Newborn Must Have.s I hope you have found this post useful if you are pregnant and due your baby soon.
Many thanks for reading.
Check out my YouTube video on Newborn Must Haves on the link below.