Monday, 27 July 2015

My Morning Routine with a Newborn

This is my current morning routine. This is going to change as soon as Sonny gets older and he changes over the next few weeks. Maybe I can do another one then and compare how different the two are.

Sonny is currently 3 weeks old and I am still trying to get him into a routine. I feel he is a little too young to get into a routine at the moment but I am sure it will come.

The day starts with a morning feed for Sonny (not me) this is usually around 6am or 7am. He will have his 5oz in about 5 minutes as he takes his bottles so quickly. Then we do a quick burp session and a nappy change. I then put him into bed with me and Darren where he will chill out with us for a bit and hopefully go back to sleep. Darren heads out to work at 7am so usually gets a little time with us before he leaves to go. Me and Sonny then go back to sleep for an hour or so.

Sonny has a feed every 3 hours so he usually wakes me up when he wants his next feed. I then quickly go downstairs make him a bottle and again feed him, burp him and change nappy. This is when I also change his outfit and get him into his OOTD.

Its then time to feed myself. I usually grab a bowl of cereal as this is quick and easy. I take this upstairs with me while I eat I try to get Sonny off to sleep again. I continue after my cereal to try and get Sonny to sleep.

Now its shower time for me. Hopefully by now Sonny is asleep so I don't have to worry about him. If he is still awake I will put him into his cot with his mobile on. Sometimes he cries but I just leave him and have the quickest shower possible. Either way if he is asleep or awake I have a very quick shower. I still haven't managed to face having a bath due to the pain of getting in and out from my C-section.

So I then get out of the shower get dressed quickly and quickly do some make-up if I am going out of have any visitors coming over.

Me and Sonny then head downstairs and get ourselves comfy down here. I usually put him into his bouncy chair for a while. I make myself a nice coffee and sit and drink this quickly.

By now its nearly midday I would have had a few cuddles with Sonny and keep him entertained which feels the gaps in the morning. So then we just get on with the rest of our day.

See how everything I write states QUICKLY. How my morning routine has changed so much since having my baby boy in my life. But I wouldn't change it for the world. Luckily I am pretty good at getting myself ready quickly.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Check out my latest YouTube video. Me and Sonny and our Monday morning this week.

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