Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Zoflora Review

I was sent this product free to test and review. I will be completely honest with my review, everyone always says I am too honest.

As I am becoming a domestic housewife (Girlfriend/mum) for the next few months I thought I would agree to review the product and write a blog post on this. Also the nesting is kicking in before baby comes and I keep cleaning a lot more lately.

As it was Summer I decided to test out the Bouquet fragrance and have to say it smells so good especially for this time of the year. This product comes in a few different fragrances
Pink Grapefruit- Limited Edition
Apple Orchard- Limited Edition
Bluebell Woods- Limited Edition
Bouquet- This is the ones I tested and that I am reviewing
Cherry Blossom
Citrus Fresh
Country Garden
Linen Fresh
Oriental Lily- Limited Edition
Summer Bouquet
Twilight Garden- Limited Edition

I have seen this in my local Tesco store and it was priced at £1.33 for a 120ml bottle.
I used this for the first time this morning. I mixed 20ml of the disinfectant with 800ml of warm water in a bowl. I first used this to clean my bathroom and toilet sink and it worked very well on these. There was a couple of marks on the toilet sink that the bathroom cleaner would not shift but it just wiped off with Zoflora with no problem.
I then used the rest in the bowl to clean my kitchen, bathroom and toilet floors. It worked so good and again got marks off the floor easily with one wipe. The smell was so nice its like a summer women's perfume scent and the fragrant stays for ages I can still smell this now.
I didn't like the fact I had to mix this disinfectant with water as it is a concentrated product. But I guess that's just the laziness in me. I may mix some together in a spray bottle and this should then last longer and use it as a bathroom cleaner.
I also feel that if I use this for my floors I would get through the bottle very quickly. See photo below on how much I used just to do sinks and floors this morning.
I would use and buy this again as I love how strong the smell is and how good it did clean some of the dirt marks from my floors. My house currently smells all fresh.
You can use Zoflora for the following
Hard surface pet areas
Do you use Zoflora and have any tips or want to share with me how and what you use yours for?  Please comment below.
Thanks for reading my review
Bexmorts xx

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