Friday, 5 June 2015

5 Things I dislike about being pregnant

1, Trying to sleep and getting up every hour
I have had one decent nights sleep since finding out I was pregnant and I remember it well as it was New Years Eve and I was ill and exhausted so just slept so well that night. Every other night has been awful. I wake up so much during the night needing to go to the toilet or because I am uncomfortable and just need to move about to get up to stretch my legs. I think this is it now ,no more sleeping through the whole night for another 18 years haha. Maybe my body is preparing me already.

2, Heartburn
I get such bad heartburn this didn't kick in till my second trimester. Its usually when I lay down ready to go to sleep it kicks in then. This is such bad timing as then it keeps me awake. I have now started to take heartburn tablets and this helps for it to go away. I don't usually get it during the day its only at night. It also doesn't matter what I eat or drink its still kicks in.

3, Tiredness and exhaustion
This was all throughout my pregnancy but it was at its worse at the beginning and now I am coming to the end its hitting me again now. I do sleep so much better now I have reached the end of my pregnancy which surprises me as I thought I would find this difficult at this stage. But the exhaustion at the beginning was nothing like I was expecting and it was really hard work.

4, Feeling fat and not being able to fit into my normal clothes
So I have stopped shopping for clothing as it depresses me and I know I am not fat but that's how I feel and I cant wait to get back into my normal clothes again. I was lucky to have received a lot of maternity clothes second hand and have managed to get by with these. But I had a wedding to attend and had to find something nice to wear to that at 33 weeks pregnant. This was not an easy job as I felt huge by this point. I managed to find a dress in Matalan for just £16 a long maxi one that fitted perfect and I should be able to use this after the pregnancy as well.

5, Having to cut out certain foods and drink
Its so confusing at first to know what you can and cannot eat. I actually went off tea and coffee but missed these when it was cold outside and needed a hot drink. I had to go careful with cheeses and make sure the mayonnaise wasn't home made. You do get used to what you can and cannot eat. I also think I need to avoid these certain foods when breast feeding. I cannot wait to have my first glass of wine, I do think one glass will get me drunk though as haven't had anything to drink since September.

What things did you dislike about being pregnant?

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