Thursday, 25 June 2015

5 New Baby money saving ideas

5 New baby money saving ideas

This blog post is telling you how I saved money buying things for my new baby boy.

Second hand markets and car boot sales
We have these really good markets round our area called Little Pickles Markets this covers Somerset and Wiltshire area but they may go further not too sure. Its a market for people to sell just baby things, some new and some second hand. I have bought so many things from these markets especially clothes and some being brand new with tags still in but at bargain prices. I have not gone to any car boot sales but this would be a good idea as well and they have just started back up again now the weather is nice.

Look on Facebook selling pages
I have joined quite a few baby selling pages on Facebook for my local area. I have bought a few things on these but you need to be quick as things sell instantly if its a good buy. I brought our carry cot for our Oyster pushchair on there for £20 which was in excellent condition and a door bouncer for £5 plus a few other bits. I see so many good things come up on there but most of it I already have. Worth having a look if you are looking for some good second hand baby things.

Supermarket baby events
Since I have been pregnant there have been many baby events on in local supermarkets and on their websites. This was when we purchased all our nappies, wipes, bottles and some other items. But the nappies and wipes go on sale really cheap so worth buying bulk when these events come up. Asda and Tesco are the best supermarkets I have come across so far.

Friends and family members
I have been given many things from friends and family members. Items I have been given so far are car seat, bottles (brand new), clothing, toys and many more I could go on. Once people hear about your good news you will probably find yourself receiving a lot of second hand good quality items.

Online sales and shop sales
If you sign up to all the baby shops online they will notify you by email about sales coming up so you can be on there straight away looking for bargains. While you are walking round town and past shops you will notice the shops that have sales and this is a great time to get buying some baby items. I have purchased so many clothes I think I may have too many now. Oops.

How have you saved money or found cheap baby items? Please comment below and let me know.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Questions For The Boyfriend

I keep seeing this post on Facebook. You are given a set of questions and without any prompting you get your boyfriend to answer them.
So lets test Darren and see what he comes up with. Could be interesting.

1, What is something I always say to you?
Stop blowing bubbles

2, What makes me Happy?

3, What makes me sad?

4, How do I make you laugh?
By being clumsy

5, What was I like as a child?

6, How old am I?

7, How tall am I?

8, What is my favourite thing to do?

9, What do I do when you're not around?

10, If I become famous, what will it be for?
Being my wife when I am famous

11, What am I really good at?
Being pregnant

12, What am I not very good at?

13, What is my favourite food?
Spaghetti Carbonara

14, What makes you proud of me?
That you cook and wash up

15, If I was a character, who would I be?

16, What do you and me do together?
Eat takeaways

17, How are you and me the same?
We have the same views on life

18, How are you and me different?
Spending money

19, How do you know I love you?
I don't

20, What do I like the most about you?
Making me breakfast in bed

21, Where is my favourite place to go?
Bournemouth beach

Such random answers but I have typed the first thing he said to me.

Why not give these questions a go with your boyfriend/husband and tag me so I can read them.

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Sunday Photo 14th June 2015

My Sunday Photo 14t June 2015
Taken at Tithe Barn in Bradford On Avon
I am 39 weeks pregnant in this photo
I can't wait until my little boy is here so he can be shared on my Sunday photos
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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Zoflora Review

I was sent this product free to test and review. I will be completely honest with my review, everyone always says I am too honest.

As I am becoming a domestic housewife (Girlfriend/mum) for the next few months I thought I would agree to review the product and write a blog post on this. Also the nesting is kicking in before baby comes and I keep cleaning a lot more lately.

As it was Summer I decided to test out the Bouquet fragrance and have to say it smells so good especially for this time of the year. This product comes in a few different fragrances
Pink Grapefruit- Limited Edition
Apple Orchard- Limited Edition
Bluebell Woods- Limited Edition
Bouquet- This is the ones I tested and that I am reviewing
Cherry Blossom
Citrus Fresh
Country Garden
Linen Fresh
Oriental Lily- Limited Edition
Summer Bouquet
Twilight Garden- Limited Edition

I have seen this in my local Tesco store and it was priced at £1.33 for a 120ml bottle.
I used this for the first time this morning. I mixed 20ml of the disinfectant with 800ml of warm water in a bowl. I first used this to clean my bathroom and toilet sink and it worked very well on these. There was a couple of marks on the toilet sink that the bathroom cleaner would not shift but it just wiped off with Zoflora with no problem.
I then used the rest in the bowl to clean my kitchen, bathroom and toilet floors. It worked so good and again got marks off the floor easily with one wipe. The smell was so nice its like a summer women's perfume scent and the fragrant stays for ages I can still smell this now.
I didn't like the fact I had to mix this disinfectant with water as it is a concentrated product. But I guess that's just the laziness in me. I may mix some together in a spray bottle and this should then last longer and use it as a bathroom cleaner.
I also feel that if I use this for my floors I would get through the bottle very quickly. See photo below on how much I used just to do sinks and floors this morning.
I would use and buy this again as I love how strong the smell is and how good it did clean some of the dirt marks from my floors. My house currently smells all fresh.
You can use Zoflora for the following
Hard surface pet areas
Do you use Zoflora and have any tips or want to share with me how and what you use yours for?  Please comment below.
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Friday, 5 June 2015

5 Things I dislike about being pregnant

1, Trying to sleep and getting up every hour
I have had one decent nights sleep since finding out I was pregnant and I remember it well as it was New Years Eve and I was ill and exhausted so just slept so well that night. Every other night has been awful. I wake up so much during the night needing to go to the toilet or because I am uncomfortable and just need to move about to get up to stretch my legs. I think this is it now ,no more sleeping through the whole night for another 18 years haha. Maybe my body is preparing me already.

2, Heartburn
I get such bad heartburn this didn't kick in till my second trimester. Its usually when I lay down ready to go to sleep it kicks in then. This is such bad timing as then it keeps me awake. I have now started to take heartburn tablets and this helps for it to go away. I don't usually get it during the day its only at night. It also doesn't matter what I eat or drink its still kicks in.

3, Tiredness and exhaustion
This was all throughout my pregnancy but it was at its worse at the beginning and now I am coming to the end its hitting me again now. I do sleep so much better now I have reached the end of my pregnancy which surprises me as I thought I would find this difficult at this stage. But the exhaustion at the beginning was nothing like I was expecting and it was really hard work.

4, Feeling fat and not being able to fit into my normal clothes
So I have stopped shopping for clothing as it depresses me and I know I am not fat but that's how I feel and I cant wait to get back into my normal clothes again. I was lucky to have received a lot of maternity clothes second hand and have managed to get by with these. But I had a wedding to attend and had to find something nice to wear to that at 33 weeks pregnant. This was not an easy job as I felt huge by this point. I managed to find a dress in Matalan for just £16 a long maxi one that fitted perfect and I should be able to use this after the pregnancy as well.

5, Having to cut out certain foods and drink
Its so confusing at first to know what you can and cannot eat. I actually went off tea and coffee but missed these when it was cold outside and needed a hot drink. I had to go careful with cheeses and make sure the mayonnaise wasn't home made. You do get used to what you can and cannot eat. I also think I need to avoid these certain foods when breast feeding. I cannot wait to have my first glass of wine, I do think one glass will get me drunk though as haven't had anything to drink since September.

What things did you dislike about being pregnant?

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