Saturday, 25 April 2015

Baby Checklist

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant so getting very close to meeting my baby boy soon.
I thought I would do a post on my babycheck list and what I have brought so far.

Cot and mattress
Moses Basket
Sheets and blankets
Pram or push chair
Car seat
Bouncy chair
Play Mat
Bumbo seat
Baby monitors
Sleeping bags
Changing Mat
Changing bag
Baby carrier

Breast pads
Nursing bra
Breast pump
Nipple cream

Formula milk- Ready made and powdered
Bottle making machine
Dummies & dummy clips

Bath seat/support
Bath thermometer
Baby toiletries

Clothing- Lots
Muslim cloths
Nappies- Lots
Nappy bags
Wipes- Lots

I think I have almost everything now but if you can think of anything important I have missed please comment below and let me know.

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