Wednesday, 29 April 2015

5 Things my boyfriend has to put up with during pregnancy

1, Painting my toe nails
So this is a little tricky for me as my belly gets in the way. I can no longer reach my feet now. So he has the lovely job of touching my feet and painting my nails for me. He takes this very seriously and makes sure he does a good job. He may need to help with the shaving of the legs soon as this is becoming tricky now I am getting bigger.

2, My mood swings
So one day I can be happy and the other I can be fed up. My mood swings haven't been too bad to be honest but I did cry the other day over him not buying me an Ice Cream haha. They say the hormones kick in more once baby is here. I have warned him of this so he is aware.

3, My early nights
Since finding out about my pregnancy I have had early nights. Most nights I am in bed by 9pm. The first 3 months of pregnancy I was exhausted and couldn't stop sleeping and I am sure this will kick in now I am heading to the end of my pregnancy. I am sure he doesn't mind this as it means he gets the TV and lounge to himself and some peace and quiet. Although its a little lame at the weekends so I try to last longer during the evenings.

4, Me being lame
So I don't go out as much anymore. This is due to the tiredness and also I worry what people will think of me if I am out in a pub while being pregnant. I just like relaxing and sitting at home at the moment which is so unlike me. I must be getting old now I am becoming a mum. So I never feel up for going out so he just goes out with his mates. We occasionally go out but not as much as before.

5, My constant peeing

I feel like I get up every hour during the night just to go for a wee as baby boy keeps pushing on my bladder. This must be distracting his sleep as well as mine. He hasn't mentioned it but just I think he is being nice about it. At the end of the day he snores so just getting my own back.

What annoys your partner about your pregnancy or what does he have to put up with?

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