Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Thinking Place

                              Bournemouth Beach

                                                                                                      My new Friend for the day

                           Bournemouth Pier                                                         My Blogging note book
My lunch and reading material


I think everyone should have their own special thinking place. Some place where you go when you have lots on your mind, or you are sad, stressed or worried about stuff.
My Thinking Place is the beach. I will drive down to Bournemouth beach which takes about an hour and a half from where I live. I will go down on my own and just sit there on the beach.
I listen to the sea/waves and love the feel of the sand on my toes, this is what makes it so relaxing.
I always take a blanket or a towel so I can properly chill and relax out on this.
I would pop into a shop to buy some food to take down on the beach with me.
So all I do when I get there is lay there in my own little world. Its so good to do this from time to time.
Its good to just lay there and figure everything out in your own head so your in a better place when you leave your thinking place.
Today I am down the beach and the weather is gorgeous almost like I am abroad. As you can see in the photos above.
My dream is to live by the beach, so then I can pop down whenever I am feeling down.
I don't think I can advise a great thinking place on this blog post as everyone is different so everyone's thinking place will be somewhere different.
I am writing this blog in my note book on the beach and will type this up some time when I get back.
Where is your Thinking Place? Comment below.
Thanks for reading
Bexmorts xx

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