Tuesday, 16 September 2014

BB Seaweed Review

LUSH £6.25 75g Pot
Tonight I tried out this LUSH face mask pot that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.
My skin was feeling all dull and needed a bit of attention so thought I would have a face mask evening.
Firstly I cleansed my skin and took my make up off with Simple Cleansing lotion. I didn't worry about taking my make up off my eyes as do this when I get out of the shower afterwards.
The facemask needs to be kept in the fridge. I forgot to do this so only just put this in the fridge last night.
When I applied this facemask it was very thick in consistency. The smell is very strong but gorgeous, you can smell the seaweed but it also contains aloe vera and rose so this also adds to the smell.
When you put it on it feels so cold where it has been in the fridge but this also makes it feel refreshing.

So here is a photo with me with the face mask on. Thought I would scare you all or just make you laugh at least.
It says on the pot to leave the face mask on for about 5-10 minutes. So I just got all my shower stuff ready and by the time I had done this 5-10 minutes had passed and I could feel it getting tight on my skin. Always a sign to take the mask off when its feeling tight.
I got in the shower and used a face cloth to take this off. As I was taking the mask off it exfoliated my skin a little like a scrub.
My skin felt so nice and soft once I took the mask off . When I got out of the shower it looked all glowing (or maybe the light was just shinning on my face haha)
I moisturised afterwards with my Nivea cream and now I feel all cleansed, clean and relaxed. With extra soft skin.
I would recommend this face mask for anyone wanting to try one from LUSH.
Also if you save 5 pots and clean them out and take them back to the shop you will receive a fresh mask for FREE. Everyone loves free stuff. So its worth recycling.
Have you tried any LUSH face masks? Please comment below and let me know if you have and what you thought of it.
Thanks for reading
Bexmorts xx

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