Saturday, 19 July 2014

How to be Summer Happy

So Summer is here and I want to give you 5 tips on how to be Happy during the summer months.

1, Spending time with family and friends
Always important to do this and can make any person happy. Get together with people and have a BBQ, Picnic, meals and drinks in beer gardens or even just a walk. Spend time with people outside in the sunshine soaking up the rays.

I love Festivals

2, Festivals and Street Parties
I love festivals and would recommend everybody to give this a go once in their life even if its just a day pass for a festival. I went to the Isle of Wight festival last year and it was such a great experience and one I will never forget. But also keep an eye on local festivals, street parties and anything going on near to where you live. I went to my local towns street party last weekend and it was such a laugh. I live near Bath and Bristol and we have many things going on. If you are not sure what's going on just Google or keep an eye on social media sites.

Abba Tribute Band In local Street Party

Street Party in Westbury Town

Summer exercise is much more motivating as we all want that bikini body. In the summer you could go for a bike ride, go stretching or do yoga out on the grass. You could even just go for a walk before or after work in the week. If you are a lot fitter than me then why not go running. Don't forget to use the app MAPMYRUN as recommended in this weeks favourites. I have just joined a running club but have not yet attended oops.

4, Music
So music makes everyone's moods better, well depending on what song you pick. If I ever wake up feeling a little down I would put DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince 'Summertime' on really loud, guaranteed to make anyone smile.

Mojito and Martini From a Bar in Bath

5, Foods and Drinks
Certain foods can up our moods and the two I have found and researched that improve our moods for summer are strawberries and Ice-cream.  I eat strawberries daily I LOVE THEM. I was going to write all the technical points to why they make you happy but don't want to bore you guys so you just need to take my word for this and eat these two yummy foods to feel happy.
I think drinks may be obvious, but it has to be Pimms and cocktails for the summer or Mocktails if you do not drink alcohol. My favourite summer cocktails have to be Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito

So hope my tips and hints help you all to be Summer Happy
And remember always SMILE

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