Thursday, 23 November 2017

Selling Sonny's Old Clothes

So we recently found out we are having a baby girl in March. I can now start sorting out all of Sonny's old things and get selling as they are taking up so much room in the house and garage.

I started by trying to sell things on Facebook baby/kids selling pages. I didn't have much luck on here, I sold a couple of bits but I didn't get much luck. I still post things on there every now and then just to try.

I have put a few things on EBay and I have found people seem to like buying Next on there. So I have gone through some of Sonny's clothing and popped a few of the nicer clothing items on there.

The next thing I have tried was a little pickles market which is like a car boot sale type thing but just for baby items. We done this on Sunday and we managed to get rid of a few bits but as I was selling them really cheap and also I had to pay £9 for a table I only actually made £25 in the end. I would however do one of these markets again when its next on.

I have managed to save a couple of Sonny's clothing for the girl like the natural colours that are still in good condition.

I still have lots to get rid of and I will be continuing to and sell most of it.

My next step it to start shopping for the baby girl clothes which I am very excited about. I am waiting for the NEXT sale and January sales to start before I start shopping for her and I will also try and make sure I don't over buy.

If anybody has any tips on how to sell second hand baby clothes please let me know.

Thanks for reading

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