Sunday, 9 July 2017

Flying with a Toddler

Lets talk about flying with a toddler. I was so worried about this from the moment we booked the holiday right up until we got on that plane a year later. Talking to a lot of mums its a big worry for most and some even put off going on holiday because of this. I have put together a few tips that helped me through the flight.

Go prepapred with a bag full of goodies, toys, sweets and drinks. We took along lots of snacks and got him plenty to drink when we got to the airport.
I put together a rucksake of toys and things to do which I reserached on social media for ideas. I made a video of what I packed for the flight which is linked at the bottom of this post. A good idea is to go into Poundland and pick up a few new toys so they should hopefully find this more exciting and interesting when you get them out on the flight. Try and get a toy out each half hour or something depending on flight time instead of all at once.
We used Darrens old tablet and downloaded a few CBeebies programmes on it to help entertain him on the plane which worked really well. One thing I will mention though is he has some toddler headphones but because the sound isnt very high on them he couldnt hear them very well due to the noise of the plane.

To help with the ears we made sure Sonny had his dummy for take off and landing which seemed to have worked really well. Other ideas I would suggest is a drink or bottle or even some sweets to suck on if they are old enough.

After a while Sonny did want to get up and move about so we went to the toilet and changed his nappy. At one point we walked up and down the plane to stretch our legs, only problem with that is he kept wanting to do it after that but I wouldnt let him.

Hopefully they will sleep for a little bit so remmeber to take a blanket or pillow to help with this. We were lucky Sonny slept for an hour there and most of the flight on the way home as it was a night flight.

I hope these help anyone who is worried about a flight with a toddler. If anybody else has any tips or advice please comment below. Always remember no matter what happens its ony a few hours of your life :-)

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