Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Dress | Wedding Series

I was never one of those girls who dreamed off her wedding day and the wedding dress.

When it came to dress shopping I have no motivation to go shopping. I was looking for shortcuts to avoid this. I looked online and found some in China after reading some reviews I went off this idea.

I then looked online for wedding dresses. A lot of big named shops sell wedding dresses now which I was surprised about.

In January 2017 I found one I liked on Monsoon which looked stunning so I ordered this and when it arrived I invited the girls round for a try on. When I tried it on it was horrendous. It didn’t fit me properly and I looked nothing like the model on the website. I sent this straight back.

One of my bridesmaids said I was cutting it really fine with getting one in time as we were now In February. I was so chilled and not panicking until she said that.

I then booked an appointment at the wedding dress shop in town and took my two bridesmaids along to try some on. That day I knew I couldn’t leave that shop without finding a dress.

I picked up a few wedding dresses to try on but I didn’t like the feel of them and also didn’t feel comfortable in them. They felt so big and heavy and that’s not what I wanted for a wedding abroad in hot weather. One of my bridesmaids mentioned trying on some bridesmaid dresses and that I could order them in the ivory colours.

I tried two bridesmaid dresses on and loved them both. One was long and the other was a short Tea length. I decided for the shorter style as it was more me and I thought it would be a better style for when I am abroad in the heat and also it would be easier when chasing Sonny around.

I ordered the dress but the shop said it wouldn’t arrive till 2 weeks before I was due to fly out. I even paid for express delivery. It also needed altering by a seamstress so I was cutting it fine.

However the dress arrived a week early which gave me plenty of time to get it altered. The lady who altered my dress was really quick and done it in four days. The alterations cost me £90 which I thought wasn’t too bad.

I had to squeeze the wedding dress into a small box for the flight and take it on as hand language. Luckily Thomson supplied the box for me as an incentive. I managed to get the dress easily in the box as it wasn’t a huge dress. As soon as I arrived at the hotel I hung it in the bag in the wardrobe. We got the dress and suits steamed on the day.

The dress looked perfect for the day and everyone commented on how nice it looked. When I told people it was a bridesmaid dress they were shocked. It definitely looked like a bridal dress.

So there is a little secret for anyone trying to save money on their wedding dress, check out the bridesmaid dresses and see if they can be ordered in an ivory colour.

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