Friday, 30 June 2017

Sonny is TWO

Sonny you are 2 and we are so incredible proud of you.

You have changed so much in a year. You are now able to walk and run. You run so fast Mummy can’t keep up with you. You are so active and do not stop moving. The only way we get you to stay still is if you are eating or watching Mr Tumble (Something Special) on TV.

Your favourite TV programmes this year have been Something Special, Teletubbies, Bing, Twirlywoos and of course In the night garden.

You have started to speak more and you are learning new words every day. Some of your favourite words are car, Daddy, Nanny, bubbles, keys, ball, shoes,

You had your first holiday abroad and also watched Mummy and Daddy get married. You even walked Mummy down the aisle and Mummy was very proud of you as you were so well behaved.

You love the park and you are really getting into the slide more now, but you also still love the swings.

We love how outgoing and sociable you are. You will talk to anyone and play with everyone. You love running around with all the other children especially at nursery.

Your kisses and cuddles are the best and we love you so so much.

Happy Birthday SONNY JAMES xxxx

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