Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Nothing will beat last year with the engagement proposal.
This year was completely different as Valentine’s Day was on a Tuesday and we were both at work all day while Sonny was at his Nanny’s for the day.
I still wanted to do something special even if it wasn’t much.  I popped to Tesco in my lunch break to look for a gift for Darren but there is nothing to get him unless it’s chocolate so decided against a gift.
I decided just a nice quick meal on the night would do the job. A special meal but one I could just chuck in the oven. It was to avoid ordering an expensive unhealthy takeaway.  Tesco were doing a meal deal on their special range. See below the deal and the meals I selected. There were lots of choices to pick from.

1 Main, Lemon and herb chicken
1 Side, Lemon and thyme roast potatoes
1 Desert, Chocolate Truffle and champagne profiteroles
1 Drink, A bottle of white wine
ALL FOR £10, I saved in total £8.60 it was such a good deal. I know a lot of the shops are offering deals like these on Valentine’s Day nowadays.
I also got 2 love themed cupcakes from work with a donation to the Alzheimer’s charity for £1. Just a little gift for Darren and Sonny.  Sonny loves cakes at the moment so perfect little gift for my little boy.
I also got Sonny a valentine’s themed helium balloon which he also loved and kisses and cuddles it as it has teddy bears on it.

Darren spoilt me and got me some pearl earrings and pearl bracelet to wear on our wedding day.  I got a card from Darren and also from Sonny. It is so cute getting a card from my baby boy.

Darren went to the gym till about 7pm then we sat and had out nice meal and that was all we done to celebrate this year.

Its mad to think I will be Darren’s wife next Valentine’s Day.
What did you get up to this Valentine’s Day? Hope you all had a LOVEly time.

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