Friday, 27 January 2017

Weekend Tot Style #3 Huggable Bear

Weekend Tot Style #3 Huggable Bear
Sonny got a new outfit from his nanny this week. I love it so much I had to join in with the Weekend Tots Style.
My favourite colour on Sonny is grey so another reason why I love it so much. he has bears on his trousers and a big fluffy bear on the jumper.
His nanny got this in the sale at Tesco for £5.50. This is a bargain outfit. The only down side is that only had 18-24 months and the jumper is a little on the small side. I will just have to get as much use out of it as I can while it fits him.
When I put him in this outfit he looked in the mirror and smiled pointing at the bear. I have his approval on this outfit haha.
Sorry for the poor quality of photos, it was early morning and still dark and Sonny also wasn’t up for having his photo taken. I took me about 20 attempts to get a half decent photo of him in his outfit.
Here is Sonny doing his hair for the day. He is obsessed with the hair dryer.

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