Monday, 30 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 30th January 2017

Jacket potato with tuna (or prawns) and salad

Chicken with Salad and new potatoes

Meatballs in tomato sauce and butternut squash spaghetti

Butternut squash soup with fresh bread

Slow cooker lamb curry with brown rice

I am out with the girls for dinner at Prezzo

Cowboy Pie (Slimming World recipe) with broccoli

Friday, 27 January 2017

Weekend Tot Style #3 Huggable Bear

Weekend Tot Style #3 Huggable Bear
Sonny got a new outfit from his nanny this week. I love it so much I had to join in with the Weekend Tots Style.
My favourite colour on Sonny is grey so another reason why I love it so much. he has bears on his trousers and a big fluffy bear on the jumper.
His nanny got this in the sale at Tesco for £5.50. This is a bargain outfit. The only down side is that only had 18-24 months and the jumper is a little on the small side. I will just have to get as much use out of it as I can while it fits him.
When I put him in this outfit he looked in the mirror and smiled pointing at the bear. I have his approval on this outfit haha.
Sorry for the poor quality of photos, it was early morning and still dark and Sonny also wasn’t up for having his photo taken. I took me about 20 attempts to get a half decent photo of him in his outfit.
Here is Sonny doing his hair for the day. He is obsessed with the hair dryer.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 23rd January 2017

Breaded fish with new potatoes and peas

Beans on toast with poached egg

Slimming World chilli con carne with rice and broccoli

Toad in the hole with mash potato and vegetables

Beef burgers with a wholemeal bun and corn on the cob and salad

Tacos with homemade wedges and salad

Roast chicken dinner

What My Toddler Eats #1

I am starting a new series on my blog showing what my toddlers eats. I will pick random days once a month and just post what he eats on that day.
Sonny is now 19 months old. This was his meals for Saturday 21st January.

Cheerios with blueberries
Innocent smoothie

Dippy egg
Half a packet of crisps

Yogurt and strawberries

Fish fingers (with the breadcrumbs removed)
Oven chips
Mixed Vegetables

Strawberry custard pot

He also has two snacks throughout the day one in the morning and one in the afternoon. He loves his apples at the moment and of course white chocolate buttons as a treat.

He drinks orange or blackcurrant squash throughout the day. He isnt keen on water so thats why we give him squash.

Before bed he has 8oz of growing up milk.

What does your toddler eat in a day? I am always looking for new ideas for meals.

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Booking our £9.50 Holiday



We love doing the sun 9.50 holidays every year. It saves us so much money and the sites are lovely and great for kids too.

The last two years since Sonny has been born, we have been to Weymouth Littlesea and Perran Sands in Cornwall. We have a great time at both the sites.

I always stick with the Haven sites as I know they are nice sites with decent accommodation and the entertainment is great for Sonny. They do activities for children throughout the day and evening. Last year Sonny enjoyed the toddler disco and watching the seaside squad characters on stage.

As I book every year I get the priority code which means I can book a day earlier than some. This year I joined a Facebook group so that I didn’t have to buy the paper everyday as they posted the codes on this Facebook group. I waited up till midnight waiting for the last code on Saturday night joining all the other sun 9.50 mad people. We all needed the last code to get booking our holiday. The last code didn’t come out till 12.30am. We all tried logging on and the site couldn’t handle it and it kept crashing. I gave up and waiting till the morning.

I managed to still get my first choice of park and date at 6.30am. I did want to try and get one for the Easter weekend but they had all gone by the morning.

This year we are going to Haven Devon Cliffs in Exmouth. I have been here many times before and it the best Haven site I have been to. It’s one of the biggest as well. I always upgrade my caravan as Sonny is still small and we are going in September so I like to have heating in all rooms.

Our whole holiday is costing us £117.55 for a 3 night stay in a comfort plus caravan. The breakdown of this is

Accommodation cost: £68.00 (Because I upgraded if you don’t upgrade this will be £38.00)
Debit/Credit card charge: £2.30
Service charge: £26.25 (£8.75pupn)
Entertainment passes: £21.00 (under 5's go free)
Total cost: £117.55

I looked on the Haven site for the same weekend and all of them were over £210.00 that’s for a standard caravan. I have saved myself over £100. This is such a bargain and so worth doing.

You can still join in and book a holiday in the UK or Europe on the link below. I will list the codes below if you want to try it out this year. It explains everything on the website.


Good luck and if you have any questions just ask below and I will get back to you.

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Monday, 16 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 16th January 2017

Quick and easy been on toast with a sprinkle of cheese

Chicken fried rice (Slimming World recipe)

Breaded fish, homemade chunky chips and peas

Heck chicken sausages

Homemade chicken kebabs grilled with salad and onion rings

Chicken curry with brown rice

Beef stew, mash potato and vegetables

Another week on my own as Darren is away with work. So some simple quick meals for one during the week.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Living Arrows | 10th January 2017

This week I wanted to share some photos and start a new linky Living Arrows. Sonny is 18 months old now and growing so quickly so this is a great way to capture his childhood and him growing up.

Me and Sonny had a morning at soft play at the weekend and had so much fun and made some new memories together. I took a few photos of him enjoying the balls.  We also had a lovely mummy and son lunch date. Such a lovely morning spending some time together

Living Arrows

Monday, 9 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 9th January 2017

Jacket potato with tuna and salad

Poached eggs on wholemeal toast

Grilled paprika chicken breast with cous cous and roasted vegetables

Heck sausages with homemade fries and beans

Slimming world lasagne with salad

Chicken fried rice slimming world

Slow cooker beef with roast potatoes and vegetables

The healthy eating starts this week. Darren is away with work and then again away for the weekend so its just meals for 1 most of the week.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

My Sunday Photo 1st January 2017

My Sunday Photo HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

New Years Resolutions

1, Eat healthy and exercise more. I want to try and lose at least another stone before the wedding in May. I have already started back up the gym, I just need to start planning the healthy eating and meal planning. I may even join Slimming World again.

2, Stop stressing so much about my busy life. I need to try and chill out a little more I feel stressed all the time and I know this is from working full time which may need to change this year as I can't seem to get everything done.

3, Keep up with the blogging and the YouTube channel. Both of these have not been growing that quickly but I still want to keep going and making the memories to keep forever.

4, Be happier and enjoy life more. I just seen so down at the moment maybe its down to the time of the year and not enjoying work at the moment. Things need to change in my life and I need to get back to be the normal happy self I used to be.

That's it for this year, I didn't want to have too many as they will be harder to achieve.

What's your new years resolutions for this year?

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