Saturday, 12 August 2017

Bridesmaids and Flower Girls | Wedding Series

I was so lucky to have my two best friend’s book to come away to Cyprus for our wedding. I had been bridesmaids for both my best friends Claire and Sarah so I really wanted them to be there for my day.

So I asked Claire and Sarah to be my bridesmaids and they were delighted. I also asked Darren’s sister at Christmas if she would also like to be my bridesmaid and she also was happy and said yes.

For my little flower girls I had Claire's daughters Evelyn (5) Elsie (3) and Sarah’s daughter Lily (4).

The flower girls dresses were the easiest to find. We didn’t want to drag the little girls around the shops so ordered 3 different dresses from Next and found one that everyone loved straight away. Even the little ones loved it and they felt like little princesses in them. That was the easy part.

For the big girl bridesmaids I knew what colour I wanted it was just finding the right dress in that colour which was the hardest part.

We looked everywhere online and also tried a few from Next but they looked awful when we received them. I finally found a perfect one on and luckily everyone loved it and they fitted each bridesmaid so lovely. We went for a mint colour which I thought would be perfect for a wedding abroad.

I let the bridesmaids pick their own shoes as I wanted them to feel comfortable on the day.

I ordered some flower girl baskets off amazon and they were so cheap, I also ordered them a few fake rose petals to go inside and the girls loved these.

For the big girl bridesmaids I ordered them a single Ivory rose which was fresh on the day. it was wrapped in a light pink ribbon to match my flowers.

I think they all looked so beautiful on the day and made my day that extra special.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017


I was kindly sent some Marigold products to celebrate their 70 year anniversary.

I was just expecting to receive some rubber gloves but I had a small box of goodies all by the Marigold brand. I never realised they there was so many different products. You can now not only get gloves but scrunchie and cloths as well.

In the box I have

Wipe away clothes
Longer bathroom gloves
Handy lightweight gloves
Cleaning me softly sponges

The Marigold gloves are so good and can be used for many things. Washing up being the most popular, but also they can be used for cooking, cleaning and DIYing.

I love using the Marigold gloves for cleaning the cooker or BBQ as the cleaning products I use for these can sometimes have strong chemicals so I like to protect my hands. I also like the fact they come in different sizes, I have quite small hands so this is handy for someone like me.

Being a mummy I wash up so much during the day so using Marigolds stops my hands from drying out and protects them.

I think everyone has heard of Marigolds and has used them at some point in their lives.

One lady at work said that she can’t use other branded rubber gloves as she has a reaction but she never seems to get a reaction with the Marigolds.

I used the scunchie to clean my oven as it needed a good scrub and clean and this helps get the grime off the cooker while using the gloves to stop me from getting dirty and to stop the chemicals from touching my skin.

I think Marigolds is a fantastic product which will continue to grow and sell for many years to come.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 31st July 2017

Jacket potato with cheese and beans

Fish cakes with salad and sweet potato fries

Sausages with mash and peas

Taco's with salad

Homemade Tortilla pizzas

Chicken korma with brown rice

Roast dinner

Monday, 24 July 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 24th July 2017

Tuna jackets with salad

Taco's with salad

Beef stew with dumplings

Spaghetti carbonara

Hot dogs with sweet potato fries and corn on the cob

Lamb Rogan Josh and brown rice

Roast dinner

Monday, 17 July 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 17th July 2017

Stir fry beef with vegetables and noodles

Chicken salad with roasted new potatoes

Sausage and bean casserole with sweet potato mash and peas

Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread

Fish, chips and peas

Chicken korma with brown rice

Roast pork dinner

Monday, 10 July 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 10th July 2017

Sausage and bean casserole with mash

Fish with jacket potatoes and salad

Cheese and bacon pasta bake

Cottage pie with vegetables

Homemade slow cooker beef curry with brown rice

Naked burger with sweet potato fries and corn on the cob

Roast chicken dinner

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Flying with a Toddler

Lets talk about flying with a toddler. I was so worried about this from the moment we booked the holiday right up until we got on that plane a year later. Talking to a lot of mums its a big worry for most and some even put off going on holiday because of this. I have put together a few tips that helped me through the flight.

Go prepapred with a bag full of goodies, toys, sweets and drinks. We took along lots of snacks and got him plenty to drink when we got to the airport.
I put together a rucksake of toys and things to do which I reserached on social media for ideas. I made a video of what I packed for the flight which is linked at the bottom of this post. A good idea is to go into Poundland and pick up a few new toys so they should hopefully find this more exciting and interesting when you get them out on the flight. Try and get a toy out each half hour or something depending on flight time instead of all at once.
We used Darrens old tablet and downloaded a few CBeebies programmes on it to help entertain him on the plane which worked really well. One thing I will mention though is he has some toddler headphones but because the sound isnt very high on them he couldnt hear them very well due to the noise of the plane.

To help with the ears we made sure Sonny had his dummy for take off and landing which seemed to have worked really well. Other ideas I would suggest is a drink or bottle or even some sweets to suck on if they are old enough.

After a while Sonny did want to get up and move about so we went to the toilet and changed his nappy. At one point we walked up and down the plane to stretch our legs, only problem with that is he kept wanting to do it after that but I wouldnt let him.

Hopefully they will sleep for a little bit so remmeber to take a blanket or pillow to help with this. We were lucky Sonny slept for an hour there and most of the flight on the way home as it was a night flight.

I hope these help anyone who is worried about a flight with a toddler. If anybody else has any tips or advice please comment below. Always remember no matter what happens its ony a few hours of your life :-)

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Sonny's 2nd Birthday

Sonny's 2nd Birthday, how has this moment arrived already??

I dragged the celebrations out for a whole week.

On the Sunday before his birthday we went to Southampton to visit Darren’s sister so that Sonny could see his aunty as she was busy his birthday weekend. We popped along to a lovely farm called Longdown Farm for a few hours. Sonny loved looking and feeding the animals and we had a fun day out with Steph and her friend. We then went home and had cake. They made him a hedgehog cake which he was obsessed with as it was covered in chocolate buttons. We ended the day with a takeaway and then headed home with one tired boy.

The night before his birthday I put all of Sonny’s decorations up in the lounge and led out all of his presents. The banner was amazing and a bargain buy from EBay. I went with a Mr Tumble theme which was easy as just lots of random colours to go along with the theme. Sonny is obsessed with Mr Tumble at the moment so he loved his banner and kept pointing at it the next day.

On his actual birthday (Thursday) Darren was at work all day, so we decided to leave Sonny's presents and open them when he got back from work.

Me and Sonny popped to the new soft play in town. We met up with one of my friends and her little girl. It was small but nice and quiet and Sonny’s had a fun time there. We also had lunch there but Sonny didn’t eat any of his. He napped when we got home then we waiting for Daddy to come home to open his presents.

Sonny got some lovely presents and loved them all. His main present’s from us was a Micro Scooter and a slide for the garden. He was so good on the scooter first time. He is such a clever boy and amazed me all the time.

We ended the day with his second cake the caterpillar from ASDA. He loved it and again it was chocolate his favourite.

We celebrated with family on the Saturday with a family BBQ. The weather was so lovely and we had a lovely time with family eating and drinking. My mum had paid for a special cake to be made with a Mr Tumble theme. It was amazing I was so pleased with it. We all sang Happy Birthday and again ate more chocolate cake.

We had some a great week celebrating.

I also filmed the week which you can view on my YouTube channel, the link is below.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 3rd July 2017

Stir fry steak with vegetables and wholegrain noodles

Roast chicken with jacket potatoes and salad

Fish cakes with rice and vegetables

Cheese and tomato omelette with salad 

Cheese and ham tortilla pizza and skinny fries

Date night at Smash Burger in Bath

Spaghetti bolognaise with turkey mince

Friday, 30 June 2017

Sonny is TWO

Sonny you are 2 and we are so incredible proud of you.

You have changed so much in a year. You are now able to walk and run. You run so fast Mummy can’t keep up with you. You are so active and do not stop moving. The only way we get you to stay still is if you are eating or watching Mr Tumble (Something Special) on TV.

Your favourite TV programmes this year have been Something Special, Teletubbies, Bing, Twirlywoos and of course In the night garden.

You have started to speak more and you are learning new words every day. Some of your favourite words are car, Daddy, Nanny, bubbles, keys, ball, shoes,

You had your first holiday abroad and also watched Mummy and Daddy get married. You even walked Mummy down the aisle and Mummy was very proud of you as you were so well behaved.

You love the park and you are really getting into the slide more now, but you also still love the swings.

We love how outgoing and sociable you are. You will talk to anyone and play with everyone. You love running around with all the other children especially at nursery.

Your kisses and cuddles are the best and we love you so so much.

Happy Birthday SONNY JAMES xxxx

Monday, 26 June 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 26th June 2017

Slimming World Lasagne with Salad

Jacket potatoes with cheese and salad

Hot dogs with corn on the hob and sweet potato fries

Sonny's 2nd birthday so may have a takeaway as a birthday treat and because we will be busy all day.

Herb chicken with minted new potatoes and roasted vegetables

Family BBQ for Sonny's 2nd birthday

Roast chicken with salad and new potatoes

Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Dress | Wedding Series

I was never one of those girls who dreamed off her wedding day and the wedding dress.

When it came to dress shopping I have no motivation to go shopping. I was looking for shortcuts to avoid this. I looked online and found some in China after reading some reviews I went off this idea.

I then looked online for wedding dresses. A lot of big named shops sell wedding dresses now which I was surprised about.

In January 2017 I found one I liked on Monsoon which looked stunning so I ordered this and when it arrived I invited the girls round for a try on. When I tried it on it was horrendous. It didn’t fit me properly and I looked nothing like the model on the website. I sent this straight back.

One of my bridesmaids said I was cutting it really fine with getting one in time as we were now In February. I was so chilled and not panicking until she said that.

I then booked an appointment at the wedding dress shop in town and took my two bridesmaids along to try some on. That day I knew I couldn’t leave that shop without finding a dress.

I picked up a few wedding dresses to try on but I didn’t like the feel of them and also didn’t feel comfortable in them. They felt so big and heavy and that’s not what I wanted for a wedding abroad in hot weather. One of my bridesmaids mentioned trying on some bridesmaid dresses and that I could order them in the ivory colours.

I tried two bridesmaid dresses on and loved them both. One was long and the other was a short Tea length. I decided for the shorter style as it was more me and I thought it would be a better style for when I am abroad in the heat and also it would be easier when chasing Sonny around.

I ordered the dress but the shop said it wouldn’t arrive till 2 weeks before I was due to fly out. I even paid for express delivery. It also needed altering by a seamstress so I was cutting it fine.

However the dress arrived a week early which gave me plenty of time to get it altered. The lady who altered my dress was really quick and done it in four days. The alterations cost me £90 which I thought wasn’t too bad.

I had to squeeze the wedding dress into a small box for the flight and take it on as hand language. Luckily Thomson supplied the box for me as an incentive. I managed to get the dress easily in the box as it wasn’t a huge dress. As soon as I arrived at the hotel I hung it in the bag in the wardrobe. We got the dress and suits steamed on the day.

The dress looked perfect for the day and everyone commented on how nice it looked. When I told people it was a bridesmaid dress they were shocked. It definitely looked like a bridal dress.

So there is a little secret for anyone trying to save money on their wedding dress, check out the bridesmaid dresses and see if they can be ordered in an ivory colour.

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Our Wedding in Cyprus | Wedding Series

We had such a beautiful day. I loved every minute of our wedding day and I am so happy with all the choices we made.

We booked through Thomson last May to get married in Cyprus, Paphos at the Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel. It was a family hotel so was also perfect for Sonny's first holiday abroad.

When we arrived, we discussed everything with our wedding planner and booked any other extras we wanted for the day. We then met up with a guy from the hotel to arrange table plans and meal plans. These two very so helpful and was willing to do anything for us.

The next morning was a trip to the town hall with all the paperwork to get that all ready for the big day.

All our guests started to arrive on the next couple of days and in total we had 40 guests. Some stayed in the hotel and others stayed outside and just come in for the wedding day. We were so surprised of the amount of people that come out to see us get married.

The Wedding Day

The morning of the wedding me and Darren went our separate ways. I took Sonny for breakfast and then I passed him over to Darren and went off to meet my Bridesmaids at 11am. All 3 bridesmaids were booked in the hotel spa to have their hair and makeup done then I was after them.

I had my dress and the men’s suits steamed in my room while the bridesmaids were getting made up. I also managed to sneak in a quick bath in-between as well. I slipped on my BRIDE TO BE dressing gown and heading down at 12 to get my hair and makeup done.

I then went back to the room and met everyone at 2pm, we met the photographer and took a few photos and opened some champagne. The girls helped me get ready in my dress which was a little tricky.

It was time to head down to the ceremony. It had been raining all morning and five minutes before we headed out the sun come out. The wind however was so strong and I didn’t realise how strong until we headed towards the sea.

Sonny was such a good boy and walked me down the aisle with no trouble holding my hand the whole way. We walked down to The Piano Guys 'A Thousand Years'

We signed the register with our witnesses to the song The Script 'I'm Yours'

Apart from the wind being so strong, the ceremony ran so smoothly. We walked back down the aisle to Bruno Mars 'Marry You' with everyone throwing the confetti. Then we then had out group photos taken the then the photos of just the two of us.

Me and Darren (now Mr and Mrs Heslop) went and joined the rest of guests where we had cocktails made to our colour theme and the cake cutting. The cake was just a one tier with some fresh flowers on top. After the cake cutting me had a tower of champagne glasses and poured champagne into them. I loved this idea. We made a toast and then everyone chilled out and had a few drinks for a couple of hours.

Our wedding reception was supposed to be in the beach bar down by the sea. The wind was so strong so last minutes we changed it to an inside room. I was a little worried it would look awful down there, but with our decorations and extras it looked nice.

We headed down at 6.30pm to be seated and our guests had their starters while we headed off to have our sunset photos taken with the photographer. These photos look amazing and the clouds made them look even more magical.

We went back to have our meal with our guests, our menu was

Smoked Ham with Melon

Cream of Tomato Soup

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mozzarella
Light Cream Sauce
Skin Potatoes
Fresh Market Vegetables

Crème Caramel on Fresh Fruit Brunoise

Filter Coffee

The food was nice and they even catered for our vegan and a gluten free guests. We had wine on the tables and had waiter service to order any extra drinks.

The DJ turned up and we danced the night away. Me and Darren later that evening had our first dance to James Arthur ' Say you won’t let go'

Everyone got on so well and had a wonderful time. Sonny played up during the evening but one of my friends took him for a walk and he fell asleep for the rest of the party.

We received our photos and DVD the following week and they came out so perfect and looked amazing.

I really loved our wedding day it turned out even better than I had pictured.

If anybody has any questions about getting married abroad please just ask below.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 19th June 2017

Tuna pasta bake (Slimming world recipe from recent magazine)

Jacket potatoes with cheeese and salad

Gammon, crushed new poatoes with spring onion and beans

Chilli con carne with brown rice

Homemade fish and chips (or maybe frozen hehe)

Homemade pizza made with tortilla wraps with wedges

Sausage, mash and peas with gravy

Monday, 12 June 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 12th June 2017

Roast chicken salad with jacket potatoes

Chicken and vegetable stew (with the leftover chicken from Monday)

Vegetable stew

Tuna steaks with salad and new potatoes

Naked burgers with salad and homemade chips

Buffet food. We have our home wedding party.

Joe Wicks cottage pie

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Louis Phaethon Hotel, Cyprus | Sonny's First Abroad Holiday

We took Sonny on his first holiday abroad on 17th May. We went to a Thomson family hotel in Cyprus, Paphos. The hotel we stayed in was called Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel. I cannot fault this hotel and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a lively family hotel. It was very clean and tidy and all the staff was so friendly.

I was dreading the flight with Sonny but we were very lucky to have a spare seat next to us so he didn’t have to sit on my lap the whole flight. The flight went really well and me and Darren even got to enjoy our bottle of champagne while Sonny napped for an hour.

Me and Darren also got married out in Cyprus on this holiday but I will write more blog posts on this later. As we were getting married it meant we had lots of family and friends on the holiday with us. I loved having family and friends out there with us, it was so nice to have people to hang around and socialise with us. Sonny also loved having his grandparents out there with us.

I was so worried about how well Sonny would get on being somewhere different and hot. I didn’t need to worry he enjoyed every moment and he was also very well behaved.

He kept us on our toes and as soon as l let him out of his pushchair he would run off and explore. We took it in turns to chase after him, which meant we all had time to chill and sunbathe at some point.

The pools were still very cold as it was May and some morning it did rain but cleared up during late morning. Sonny hated the pool to start with, I bought him a shark inflatable to sit in which helped encourage him loads. By the end of the holiday he loved the pool and I couldn’t get him out.

In two weeks Sonny’s speech is clearer and he has leant more new words. I can’t believe how much he changed in two weeks of being on holiday.

We had such a lovely first family holiday together and I cannot wait to book our next one for 2018. I am already looking at hotels and prices now.

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean TURBO Mop Review

One thing I haven’t owned since living in our family home for two years is a mop and bucket. I would always get down on my hands and knees with floor wipes and clean the floors that way.

I always needed a mop and had it on my list of things to buy for the house and just never got around to buying one.

I was contacted to review the Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo mop and bucket which I was excited to try out. You can tell I am a Mummy now I get excited about cleaning products.

The first thing I noticed about it when I received the box was how nice and big the bucket was. It also states clearly where the max fill line is.

I have used this mop and bucket a couple of times now on the kitchen and bathroom floors. It was so easy to put together the first time I used it. It’s as easy as just twisting the pole together to tighten the extension.

I loved the Turbo Wring pedal on this bucket. I used to be rubbish at wringing mops out in the past and the floor would end up soaking wet. Using the turbo wring stops this from happening and just makes life so much easier. It also makes the whole cleaning situation quicker.

The mop itself cleaned the floors so good and even picked up some of the crumbs left on the floor. It does say on the box it picks up particles +20% which I will agree.

I think another great thing about this mop is you can take the bottom part off and put it in the washing machine. How great is this, as you can keep your mop nice and clean when it gets grubby. I haven't done this yet but I will be in the future when I have used it a few more times.

The bucket itself is easy to carry and even has a hole on one of the ends to make it easier to pour the water out once finished.

I even cleaned my bathroom tiles around the bath with it, as they are hard to reach unless I stand in the bath but this mop reached the tiles easily and makes cleaning the tiles a lot easier.

The mop is a great shape and reaches the corners of the flooring perfectly so you do not miss any parts of the flooring out. I noticed this worked so well when I used it.

I was honestly 100% happy with this mop and bucket and would recommend to anybody looking for a new floor cleaning product to buy. I give this a 10/10 as I cannot find any bad points about it.

If your interested in this product you can find out more on the below link

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 17th April 2017

Seasoned chicken breast with homemade chips and salad

Tuna steak with jacket potatoes and salad

Pork steaks (lean cut) with sweet potato mash and vegetables

Chill con carne with brown rice

Homemade turkey curry with brown rice

MY HEN DO so food out

Cottage pie with vegetables

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt | National Trust


At the weekend we had such beautiful weather with a temperature of 25c. We had to get out and make the most of the nice weather, so decided to try out an Easter egg hunt. Best to go this weekend in case we have bad weather for Easter.
I am already a national trust member and our favourite place to go is Lacock Abbey. It only cost £2.00 to join in with the hunt.
We had to walk around and find 18 bunny signs which gave us a clue to lead us on to find the next bunny. Sonny loved the bunny signs he would walk up and say hi and even give some of them a kiss, so cute.
It was so lovely watching everyone else getting involved and Sonny loves going out and exploring. He loves walking and running around while exploring all the things around him.
At the end of the hunt he got three bunny chocolates which he had to have one of before we had even got back to the car.
I got a few photos of the day which turned out nice. I will link them below.
This is something I will definitely be doing again next year at the national trust and properly make its a yearly tradition.
I also vlogged the day and put a video up on YouTube which is linked below.


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Monday, 10 April 2017

Sonny's Easter Basket

Sonny's Easter Basket

This year I have decided to do an Easter basket for Sonny. He will be 22 months old at Easter this year.
It will be full of fun things for us to do over the long Easter weekend. Some of the items inside will be new to Sonny and it's our first time trying new things out together.

So here is a list of what's inside the basket

A garden windmill
Chick balloon on a stick
Peppa pigs Easter egg hunt book
Peppa pig egg suprise
Peppa pig cake mix box
Paint your own egg
Easter stamps
Kinder egg
Plant seeds
Chick head band

So over Easter we can spend some time out in the garden planting his seeds into pots. We also have some cakes to make which we have never done before. Then we can do some crafts with the paint the egg and stamps.
I think he will love his Easter basket this year and I cannot wait to give it to him to enjoy the items together.

I have also put up a YouTube video to show more clearly what's in Sonny's Easter basket. The link is below

Weekly Meal Plan | 10th April 2017

Chicken and bacon salad

Jacket potatoes with tuna and salad

Lemon and herb chicken with cous cous salad

Slow cooker beef with veg and Slimming World roast potatoes

Friday (Good Friday)
Chicken Stir Fry

Beef tacos with salad

Sunday(Easter Sunday)
Roast Dinner