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Our Weekend 6th August 2016

Our Weekend
I spent the whole of last weekend getting things done around the house, the boring jobs like hovering the car out , cutting the grass and all that kind of stuff. The weekend went by so quickly and we didn’t spend time having fun with baby Sonny.
So that’s why this weekend we planned to have a fun weekend.
Saying this Saturday morning Sonny slept for most of the morning and while he was doing that me and Darren organised the living room to make it more Sonny friendly. I can actually put a cup of tea down now without him being able to grab it.
After Sonny’s nap and after lunch we then headed out. We decided to go visit Darren’s dad, he was fishing up Cuckoos Rest. It turned out to be such a beautiful day and we managed to get some really nice photos while we were up there. As the weather was so nice we stayed up there all afternoon soaking up the sun, while Sonny just enjoyed being outside with his grandparents.
When we got home we were feeling pretty tired so treated ourselves to a naughty Chinese takeaway and Pimms. Not very Slimming World friendly.

Then on Sunday the same thing happened and Sonny slept all morning. This helps me to get chores done round the house and we also managed to do some wedding planning and get an email sent out to our wedding planners in Cyprus.
After Sonny’s nap and lunch we then headed out. We decided to go to a local garden centre as they had a food market on for the weekend. As it happened the food market was rubbish and not much to look at. I still managed to spend a few pounds in the garden centre and also got myself a new pair of wellies also.
This garden centre is so good for kids Sonny played on the tractors and the swings. We did however decide to avoid the sandpit as I just hovered the car out haha. He also enjoyed looking at the animals such as rabbits, hens and fish. It was a lovely afternoon out and it didn’t cost us much neither.
On the way home I ran into Aldi as it was just about to close, picked up some bits for a roast dinner then we went home and chilled and all had dinner. Sonny had a bath then bed.

It was such a lovely weekend spent together as a family. This is why I wanted to share it on my blog along with some of the lovely photos I took.
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