Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sensory Bottles

I thought I would make some sensory bottles for Sonny as I was told he really enjoys playing with them at nursery.
They are a great idea for any baby’s development and it’s something they will enjoy and have fun with.
I wanted to make simple and cheap bottles and try to avoid going out to buy materials. So I looked around at home and in the office at work to try and get some ideas.
So here is what I come up with.

Sensory bottle 1
Water and loom bands
Sensory bottle 2
Hole punched paper and a party streamer

 Sensory bottle 3
Colourful paperclips
Three Simple bottles to make. Nothing too fancy but Sonny really enjoyed playing with them as you can tell from the photos below.
Do you have any ideas on sensory bottles?
Thanks for reading


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