Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Picking a Nursery or Childcare

Picking a Nursery or Childcare

Sonny's first day at nursery

Picking a nursery/childcare is one of the hardest things you will need to do for your baby. You want to make sure its the right one for your child. That they look after them in the right way and which one he will be happiest at.
Here are a few things that I thought about when picking the nursery/childcare for Sonny.

1, Location, Is it on route to work or near where you live?

2, Parking, is there enough parking. Is it safe?

3, Atmosphere, was it relaxed and calm and not false because you were looking round.

4, Ofsted, you can look on the local council website for a report on this.

5, What things do they include in the price? Food, Nappies, wipes etc.

6, Security, do you need a pin or password to enter the building?

7, Are the staff fully qualified?

8, Does the outside space (Garden) look secure and safe?

I would advise to look around at least 3 nurseries to get an idea of all the things listed above.
I went by this list when picking a nursery for my son and I feel I have picked the best nursery for him.
Its just down the road from where I work which is ideal. When I looked around I didn't feel they were putting on a show to impress me. Everything just suited me and Sonny perfectly. Lucky for us it was the cheapest nursery we looked at, which was a bonus.

You could even ask if you could spend a couple of hours one day in the nursery with your child to get a feel for the place. They should allow you to do this. I decided against it as I wanted Sonny to know from the beginning this is somewhere you go without Mummy. We did however do two settling in sessions after signing up. He attended these on his own for two hours.

Thanks for reading, any questions please just ask in the comments.


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