Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Our Weekend 28th May 2016

Our weekend

This weekend is bank holiday weekend, this means I have three whole days to tell you about.
Saturday we woke up early had our breakfast and then I got some cleaning done round the house. When Sonny had his morning nap I popped to the local gym for an hour and then come home and we all had lunch.
After lunch me I had a quick bath and then Sonny went for a walk to the town park and fed the ducks. The park was so busy we didn't attempt the swings. So we walked up into town where I treated myself to a Strawberries and Cream ice drink from Starbuck, one of my fav's.
We then went home and played with Sonny's toys till tea time then bed time.
Darren went out to watch the football and I stayed in and caught up on some YouTube.

Sunday morning another early start. Me and Sonny chilled out downstairs watching the Twirlywoos DVD on repeat and had our breakfast.
He turned 11 months on Sunday. Where has the time gone?
In the afternoon we went for a picnic and walk at one of the National Trust places called Stourhead. We got some lovely photos.

We then had Darren's parents over for a BBQ which was really nice.

Monday we popped to the local fete in Bradford On Avon. It was a lovely day, which made it a very busy fete and we didn't stay long as there wasn't much for Sonny to do yet as he is still too little.
Darrens sister popped to visit after this. She lives in Southampton so it was nice to catch up with her. I made us all lasagne, chips, salad and garlic bread.

That was or weekend. A nice short four day week and it will be the weekend again.

Thanks for reading.  
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Bexmorts xx

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