Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Toys for a baby

1, Play Gym
Every baby should have a play gym from birth. Sonny at first just led there looking at the toys hanging above him but now he is trying to pull them off and put them in his mouth but he still enjoys laying on the mat at 4 months. He has endless of fun on this.

2, Door Bouncer
This is something we have only just started using. He loves the bouncer as soon as we put him in it. He isn't quite bouncing himself yet but I think he just loves standing up and moving around in it. I sometimes help him to bounce or even swing him on it. Look at his happy face in the photo below.

3,Fisherprice Jumperoo
I actually bought this for Sonny for Christmas as it was half price at Boots at the time. Its the Space saver Jumperoo which is ideal for our small house as its starting to get a bit crowded with all his toys.
The Jumperoo makes tunes, he can jump in it and a few more activities around him.
I had to give it to him early as he is growing so fast, so now I need to get him a new Christmas present. Ideas in the comments below please? He will be six months at Christmas.

These are Sonny's three favourite toys at the moment. They make him happy and put a smile on his face without fail. He is currently four months.

What are your babies favourite toys?

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