Monday, 7 September 2015

Our Weekend 5th September

We got up extra early Saturday morning and rushed around to get ready. We had Sonny's first swimming lesson booked and I was super excited. We managed to get ready on time and get to the pool on time. But when we got to the pool the lesson had been cancelled as the chlorine levels were too high. I was gutted. So we are going to try this again next Saturday.
We grabbed some breakfast from a breakfast van and headed home to get ready for the rest of the day.
We went to my mums as Darren was hanging a couple of doors for her. I left him there with Sonny at 1.30 as I was heading to a Little Pickles Market to see what bargains I could find. I went along with my cousin and her new born baby. I managed to get Sonny a soft sit in car toy for a bargain price of £5. Just need to try and fit it in the washing machine as its second hand.
We then headed home about 6pm and ordered a Chinese takeaway and watched X-Factor which so far this year I am really not enjoying.
Sunday morning Darren went off to play golf for a couple of hours. While he was out and Sonny was sleeping I managed to go through all of my clothes as a lot of them do not fit and I needed to get all the maternity clothing out of my wardrobe.
Darren got home then we popped to his mums for a quick cup of tea and so they could see Sonny. Then we went to my mums for a roast dinner a nice roast lamb. We had a nice apple pie and chocolate pudding for desert. Not much happened that evening just more X-Factor and sorting Sonny out getting him into bed.

ME AND SONNY WATCHING X-FACTOR. (This photo made me laugh so much)

SONNY IN HIS NEW SOFT CAR SEAT (He doesn't look too impressed)

That was our weekend. Hope you all had good weekends to.
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