Monday, 10 August 2015

Our weekend

I had such a great weekend that I wanted to write about it this week. I am feeling much better after my C-section  and I am finally able to get out and about.
We started our weekend on Friday night we popped over to Darren's mum and dads for some tea. We had some lovely Piri Piri chicken with stir fry. We had a good catch up with his parents and headed off home to bed around 8 ish.
Saturday morning we chilled out in bed with Sonny and I managed to have a nice relaxing bath without worrying about Sonny. We got up and headed to town. I treated myself to a new vlogging camera which I have yet to work out how to use but very excited to start using this.
Lunch time was a naughty MacDonald's which we quickly eat in the car.
We then headed to a local village summer fete in Seend. I have never been to this one before but as Darren's parents were heading off there we thought we would pop along as it was a nice day.
It turned out to be a really good day with games, BBQ, raffles, vintage cars and most importantly Pimms. This is where I had my first alcoholic drink since having Sonny. I thought it would hit me bad but it didn't effect me at all. Was nice to be able to drink a Pimms in the sunshine. Sonny was well behaved in his carrycot throughout the day. We didn't win any games or anything on the raffle. I bought some local honey to help with Darren's heyfever.

Saturday night was a bit of a failure. Darren went out to his mates for a couple of drinks. But Sonny was hard work that night and cried a lot. I had to call Darren and get him to come back. I feel a bit of a failure but I was just having a down moment and just needed him.
Sunday again we chilled in bed with Sonny for a bit and then Darren made us a massive bacon and cheese omelette for breakfast. I done a few things around house boring things like washing and tidying. Then we headed out to a local lake called Shearwater for a walk in the sun and to get Sonny out for a bit. Its so nice over there with lots of fisherman, sailing boats and beautiful views. We had some doughnuts and a drink so had a little doughnut picnic.

We popped into Aldi on the way home to get some food shop for the week ahead and it was Sonny's first time in a trolley and he didn't seem to mind it at all.

We got home around 4 ish, I then made a roast chicken dinner and cheesecake dessert. We gave Sonny a bath and then chilled out for the rest of the evening. Darren watched Star Wars and I caught up on my YouTube videos.
So that was our family weekend. I wish I had vlogged it now but need to get my new camera up and working so I can get better quality videos online.
Hope you enjoyed reading, and that you all had great weekends too.

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