Thursday, 25 June 2015

5 New Baby money saving ideas

5 New baby money saving ideas

This blog post is telling you how I saved money buying things for my new baby boy.

Second hand markets and car boot sales
We have these really good markets round our area called Little Pickles Markets this covers Somerset and Wiltshire area but they may go further not too sure. Its a market for people to sell just baby things, some new and some second hand. I have bought so many things from these markets especially clothes and some being brand new with tags still in but at bargain prices. I have not gone to any car boot sales but this would be a good idea as well and they have just started back up again now the weather is nice.

Look on Facebook selling pages
I have joined quite a few baby selling pages on Facebook for my local area. I have bought a few things on these but you need to be quick as things sell instantly if its a good buy. I brought our carry cot for our Oyster pushchair on there for £20 which was in excellent condition and a door bouncer for £5 plus a few other bits. I see so many good things come up on there but most of it I already have. Worth having a look if you are looking for some good second hand baby things.

Supermarket baby events
Since I have been pregnant there have been many baby events on in local supermarkets and on their websites. This was when we purchased all our nappies, wipes, bottles and some other items. But the nappies and wipes go on sale really cheap so worth buying bulk when these events come up. Asda and Tesco are the best supermarkets I have come across so far.

Friends and family members
I have been given many things from friends and family members. Items I have been given so far are car seat, bottles (brand new), clothing, toys and many more I could go on. Once people hear about your good news you will probably find yourself receiving a lot of second hand good quality items.

Online sales and shop sales
If you sign up to all the baby shops online they will notify you by email about sales coming up so you can be on there straight away looking for bargains. While you are walking round town and past shops you will notice the shops that have sales and this is a great time to get buying some baby items. I have purchased so many clothes I think I may have too many now. Oops.

How have you saved money or found cheap baby items? Please comment below and let me know.
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