Thursday, 28 May 2015

5 Things I enjoy about being pregnant

1, Shopping for baby things
At first this scared me I didn't have a clue what I was buying. There is so much choice out there and its knowing what to buy for the best and what I actually really need. Luckily reading many blogs helped me though this and also family and friends advice. Once I started to buy things it become fun planning the nursery and buying his cute small clothes. I did get a lot of things including some clothes second hand from some baby markets I went along to. My favourite shopping trip was the Mothercare one where we got the push chair and a few other things. I cant wait to start using the push chair.

2, Just the feeling of him inside of me moving around
At first the thought of this also scared me. It felt strange to feel him moving inside of me. Then after a while you love it and I even do things to try and make him move so I know he is okay in there. I talk to him and get my partner to chat to him as I want him to recognise our voices when he comes out. My partner has not seen or felt him move much as my placenta is at the front which cushions his movements so we are less likely to see them although I still feel them.

3, Eating what I want
This is a little naughty as I know I should be eating healthy but I am not a very healthy eater anyway when I am not pregnant. I definitely eat more with a lot of it being unhealthy. I cant help it as that's what I want to eat so that's what I eat. I think my craving was chocolate so I have eaten a lot of that especially over Easter.

4, Knowing I finish work soon and get 10 months off
I have been happy at work training my work load out to my team and passing my work over. Knowing I am getting a ten month break makes me a little more excited even if I will be completely skint for most of it. I guess its not really a break as looking after my little boy will probably be harder work than actually working. Fingers crossed I have a good boy.

5, Having an excuse to have a party (baby shower)
My baby shower was amazing. My two friends organised this and it went really smoothly with everyone enjoying themselves. See my blog post on my Baby Shower if you would like to read more on this.

What did you enjoy the most or that you are enjoying the most about pregnancy?

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